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Compact & Powerful Employee GPS Tracking!

Plug And Play GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Installs easily and discretely. It’s durable, secure and entirely self-contained. Hard
wiring has expensive after service costs, and could void your warranty.

Compact & Powerful !

Good things do come in small sizes. Our hardware boosts the industries fastest GPS, driver accelerometer, ECM connect and a speedy 3G HSPA modem. We provide a T-harness for hidden install and a watchdog alert to monitor against tampering.

Lifetime Warranty

Our hardware is miltary grade capable of withstanding harsh climates and conditions. If your unit fails for any reason we will replace it. No questions asked. Simply swap the unit and get back up and running in no time.

IOX Expansion

Using the world’s first plug & play IOX expansion port you can eaisly add and integrate 3rd party devices. We can help you add Garmin Messaging; Hours of Service Driver Log Book Management; Salt and Spread Rate Monitoring; Weight Scale Monitoring, PTO Aux monitoring and much more.



  • 1 World's Only Plug & Play Expandable Aux
  • 2 Locally Built, Rugged, Installs In Seconds
  • 3 No Wire Splicing That Could Affect Your Vehicle Warranty
  • 4 No External Antennas Or Messy Wiring
  • 5 Easily Install Yourself, No Extra Installation Fees

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