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Part 3: Common Useful Reports - Driver Safety Reports

One of our biggest client request is creating reports. Reports are a useful fleet management tool because they provide snapshots for decision making. For instance, safety managers use driver safety reports to monitor driver safety and train drivers on best...

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Updating Your Fleet for Marijuana Legalization

October 17th is an important day for many people. Firstly, on a selfish side, I’m looking forward to October 17th because my beloved Toronto Raptors are opening their season with a new superstar. However, for many other people, October 17th...

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Distracted Driving Laws & Policies

Did you know that April was Distracted Driving Awareness month? Distracted driving laws and policies are some of the biggest fleet management topics in recent years.   In this post, we will look at distracted driving laws around the world,...

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Managing Driving Fatigue Around Daylight Savings Time

Recently, the clocks sprang forward for Daylight Savings Time. Although people enjoy more sunlight in the evening, fleet safety managers are concerned about managing driver fatigue. According to studies, people are 17% more likely to get in an accident on...

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Safe Driving Guide | From Coaching to Collision Warning Systems

Where did you learn how to drive? A lot of people learn from driving schools or from family members. In my case, my dad sat in the passenger seat and he was my extra set of eyes. It sure was...

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5 Tips for Getting Home Safely this New Year’s Eve

Written by Samantha Tung, Caliber Collision New Year’s Eve is a day full of excitement and celebration. However, all of that celebrating can create a dangerous situation out on the roads. On New Year’s Eve, there are more alcohol-related car...

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Getting Through Winter 2018 | Part 2: Winter Fleet Operations

Fleets are gearing up for winter fleet operations. Recently, weather forecasters predicted that winter 2018 is going to be a big one! According to their forecasts, this winter will be snowier and colder than normal. In Ontario and Quebec, forecasters...

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Getting Through Winter 2018 - Part 1 | Winter Fleet Maintenance

Winter fleet maintenance is once again a popular topic now that winter is almost upon us! Oh yes, (Or oh no, depending on your seasonal preference!) winter weather is indeed here. Earlier in November, a record cold temperature was set...

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Improving Driving Behaviours with 3 Simple Tools

For many fleets, a top priority is improving driving behaviours. Let’s explore why this is important and what tools can help achieve this objective. Why is improving driving behaviours important? Drivers reflect a business’s brand image. Drivers are a direct...

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