Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS is designed to enhance fleet safety while reducing tire maintenance and fuel costs. It uses internally mounted, robust sensors to monitor pressure and temperature every four seconds. Vehicle data is transmitted to the MyGeotab monitoring system through the GO7 GPS tracking device.
The antenna transmits wireless signal data from the sensors to the display. SMS and email alerts are also generated to fleet managers.
Pair your trucks to trailers wirelessly and automatically, saving time and money. The tractor will automatically recognize the new trailer once the trailer is hooked up with the tractor; all the sensors in the trailer will pair with the tractor automatically through the transceiver.
Seamless integration with your Geotab GPS tracking device enables proactive fleet tire monitoring and management through MyGeotab.

Accurate, Reliable and Real-Time

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tire pressure monitoring

Real Time Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring

Internally-mounted robust sensors constantly measure both tire pressure and temperature every 4 seconds.


Tire Life Extension

Prevent overloaded, underinflated and overinflated tires. Saving tires results in saving money.


Immediate Alerts Allow For Proactive Management

Automatic alerts for variances such as high or low pressure, slow or fast leakage, as well as high temperatures via email and SMS alerts or through the optional display.

Real-Time Refrigerated Trailer Temperature Monitoring

Improve Productivity

Real-time tire monitoring removes the need for manual tire air pressure inspection with immediate warnings alerting you to potentially costly and dangerous tire issues.

mygeotab reports

True, Automatic Drop And Hook

Designed specifically for the trucking industry to overcome tire monitoring setup challenges; pairs your trucks to your trailers wirelessly/automatically saving time & money, getting you on the road safely. Read more

improved driver management

Increase Safety

Properly inflated tires enhance stability, braking and overall vehicle handling.


Full Integration With Our Fleet Systems

Seamless integration with Geotab G07 (our GPS device) enables proactive fleet tire monitoring and management through MyGeotab (our fleet management software).

inflated tires have smaller footprints

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Properly inflated tires have smaller footprints than underinflated tires. This will result in reduced rolling resistance and enhanced fuel efficiency.

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