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In Car Camera System: Helping To Protect Fleets

Help Protect Your Fleet With A GoFleet In Car Camera System

GoFleet offers an in car camera system by Zone Defense as an add-on to their GPS fleet management solution. You will be able to capture what happens both outside and inside of the vehicle in high resolution and real-time. Fleet owners are using the in car camera system to protect their vehicles and their drivers. For example, many taxi companies require an in car dash camera be installed in all of their taxicabs. This decreases liability in the case of an accident and increases the taxi drivers’ safety from passengers behaving in an unlawful manner. Regardless of the fleet owner’s industry, installing an in car camera system can provide many valuable benefits.

In Car Camera System Packages And Options

GoFleet has a wide array of in car camera system packages and options for fleet owners to choose from including night vision cameras, heated cameras and license plate cameras.  Some of the packages and options from GoFleet include:

License Plate Camera: The license plate camera can be easily connected to the vehicle’s license plate using the license plate’s existing screws. There are four infrared emitters with a super wide 180° view.

Digital Video Recorders: Zone Defense provides all of the same features that you expect from the expensive and large in car camera system DVRs, however, their DVRs are small, easy to use, simple to install and affordable.

DVR Monitor: The in car camera system DVR monitor is a one-piece solution for fleet owners. There are multiple features in the DVD monitor that are necessary for the efficiency and safety of your fleet.

LCD Monitor Plus Cameras: GoFleet has two in car camera system LCD monitor and camera options available. The 5” LCD monitor has a built in trigger switch to side or reverse camera views with 3 camera inputs. The 7” LCD monitor and camera has all the same features as the 5” monitor but it has 4 camera inputs.

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