Fleet Camera Systems & Dash Cameras

2-in-1 dash camera mobile DVR (forward & internal view); record coaching opportunities such as cell phone use or other driver distractions. Includes integrated GPS antenna, impact sensor, speaker and microphone.
Our fleet camera system protects drivers in the event of a collision with photos, video, and a panorama thumbnail view for easy playback of the entire event at once. Automatically records events & pinpoints the location.
With ZenduCAM's multi-camera solution you will have complete protection with a full view around the entire vehicle.
Connect up to 4 cameras per vehicle, allowing you to view the road in front, behind, and beside the vehicle. Cameras can also be set-up to view in-vehicle activity.
Not only will you have the telematics data in the event of a collision or coaching opportunity but photographic evidence as well.

Capture Footage In/Out the Vehicle in HD video in Real-Time, in Case of a Traffic Incident

Our HD Cameras include G-Sensor, Microphone, SD card slots, integrated GPS receiver, permanent power cable with optional vehicle input sensors and a tamper-resistant design. We offer different multi-camera options as well that can be connected to the main unit for recording the driver, rear of the vehicle, or blindspots.



Digital Video Recorders

All the features expected in the large & expensive DVRs but small size for easy use & install.


DVR Monitor

One piece solution with multiple features necessary for the safety & efficiency of your fleet.

Record & Live Stream Video

Record & live stream 1-8+ cameras simultaneously, triggered/manually set event recording +more

Integrated Sensor Systems

Shows a video overlay on the monitor screen of the distance each indicator detects.

5" LCD Monitor + Cameras

Built in trigger switch to reverse or side camera views, 3 camera inputs.


7" LCD Monitor + Cameras

All the features of the 5″ but with 4 camera inputs.



Dual Facing Dash Cameras

Dual Facing Dash Cameras

Our 2-way dash camera mobile digital video recorders (DVR) allow for both forward and driver (internal) views of the vehicle. This allows you to record events from inside and outside of the vehicle as they happen.

improved driver management

Driver Coaching

Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching for harsh braking, hard acceleration, harsh corners, over-revving, excessive idling, speeding, and engine based seatbelt violations.

Aux expand

Full Integration With Our Fleet Systems

Seamless integration with your current Geotab software (our fleet system) including integrated GPS antenna, impact sensor, speaker and microphone.

quick and easy install

Plug And Play

Self-contained, easy-to-use plug and play fleet camera system.


Accurate Tracking

Car dash cameras record driving events and pinpoints the exact location and time of the event.


Wifi Capability

Downloads via WiFi for easy access and viewing.


Emergency Recording

Our fleet camera system automatically records emergency events when they occur (emergency, impact, over speed, sudden start/stop, parking and motion detection) through G-force.


Accident Assistance

Dash cameras assist in accident forensics by recording events inside and outside the vehicle to prove what actually happened.


PC Playback

PC Viewer to manage, backup, print, e-mail and view recorded videos.

IP67 Rated

Vehicle Protection

Assists in vehicle protection with motion recording capabilities. Worried about low to no light? With night vision capabilities that’s no problem!

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