Fleet Monitoring Systems & Tracking Solutions for Assets

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    Flex Solar Powered Asset Tracker

    Solar Powered Asset Tracking

    Solar Powered Asset Tracker

    The Flex Solar Powered Asset Tracker is a solar-powered tracking solution that is used to monitor positions of large assets such as trailers, heavy equipment, dry containers and much more.


    Heavy Equipment Tracking

    telematics device for harsh conditions

    GO RUGGED is a ruggedized telematics device designed for heavy equipment tracking in harsh conditions or external installation. It has the same advanced GPS technology as the Geotab GO9, with the added benefit of being IP67 rated for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact, and water.

    Geotab GO9 GPS

    GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

    Our industry leading GPS fleet tracking device helps increase productivity & safety while decreasing insurance & fuel costs. Start running a more efficient fleet today!

    Mobile Dispatch

    Mobile Dispatching Solution

    Dispatch, Track and monitor pickup and delivery status on jobs through the Mobile Dispatch App

    Mobile Trax

    Driver Tracking via Smartphone


    A cost effective fleet management solution. Easily track your drivers or mobile workforce from their smartphones. Increase fleet productivity & cut costs.


    Digital Form Solution

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    Create digital mobile forms, collect data, gain insights, and save money plus time by going digital with ProntoForms.

    Sat Trax Globalstar

    Satellite Trailer & Equipment Tracking

    satellite asset tracking

    Protect both powered and non-powered assets with this satellite tracking solution that offers global coverage.

    Sat Trax Iridium

    Satellite Vehicle Tracking

    sat trax iridium

    Through the IRIDIUM satellite network, receive information about your fleet both when drivers are travelling within a cellular network and outside it. This integration also allows fleets to incorporate a panic button into the vehicle, so that drivers that may be out of reach can alert the company in an emergency.

    Trailer Trax

    Rechargeable Trailer Tracking Solution

    trailer tracking gps systems

    Trailer Trax is an IP67-rated rugged and rechargeable trailer tracking solution with a GPS engine that is integrated with Geotab.

    Bluetooth Tracking Tag

    Protect valuable assets with real-time monitoring of location, temperature, impacts, and more.

    Bluetooth Tracking Tag

    Protect valuable assets with real-time monitoring of location, temperature, impacts, and more.