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Industry Use Cases

  • Gain full visibility of your entire mobile workforce including equipment, assets, vehicles and workers
  • Keep your workers safe in all working conditions with lone worker integration including an emergency panic button
  • Reduce overtime costs and verify employee time sheets
  • Increase employee productivity with work site arrival and departure reports and alerts
  • Eliminate downtime with scheduled maintenance for vehicles and assets
  • Track your vehicles and assets in remote areas with our Iridium integration

Fleet Management for Oil & Gas Industry


Solution Bundle Features

Coordinate Vehicles Entering/Exiting Job Sites

Customized alerts notify you when a vehicle enters/exits a specific job site so you always know your workers location. If they enter a dangerous job site and the job should take about 2 hours, if you don’t hear from them after 2.5 hours you can check in to see how the job is progressing, if they need another help, and ultimately that they are safe.

GIS/ ESRI Map Integration

See beyond a traditional map with this integration. Utilize the custom mapping features through third-party spatial information such as utility lines.

Mobile/Lone Worker Safety

Track your mobile/lone workers and keep them safe. Our man down system immediately identifies any person whose device is in alarm; it is the only system that can transmit alarms and receive messages.

Wireless Gas Detection

Our wireless gas detectors are an accurate and technically advanced network of sensors capable of reading and detecting hazardous levels of toxic chemicals that directly integrate with our GPS devices. With real-time monitoring and an easy-to-read screen, gas detectors are a must-have for ensuring employee safety and security.

It’s very important to protect not only your valuable assets but the safety of your employees. In order to keep things running smoothly and safely, it’s vital that you have a way to keep track of what is going on, on the job site, at all times. Oil, gas, and mining assets are expensive and crucial for daily operations; ensure you’re doing all you can to monitor and protect these valuable assets both on and off of the job site.

Choosing our fleet management for oil and gas industry can help you to reduce loss, improve worker safety, increase profitability and much more!