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Industry Use Cases

  • Gain full visibility of your entire mobile workforce
  • Optimize turnaround time by notifying managers of estimated vehicle arrival times
  • Increase employee productivity and verify delivery times with site arrival and departure reports and alerts
  • Reduce fuel expenses and increase safety through monitoring and correcting poor driver behavior
  • Eliminate downtime with scheduled vehicle maintenance
  • Optimize dispatching and routing to reduce fuel costs and decrease travel time to the next delivery location
  • Access accurate mileage reports by state for IFTA reporting
  • Ensure refrigerated good maintain the correct temperature and receive notification of any temperature changes

Delivery Vehicle Tracking


Dramatic Improvement in Customer Service

“There has been a dramatic improvement in the level of customer service. We’ve been able to give them accurate delivery times and that is keeping them happy.”

Solution Bundle Features

Optimize Routing & Dispatching

Reduce fuel costs and decrease the amount of travel time to the next customer location. Gain access to vehicle location and status 24/7. Additionally, Garmin integration allows you to send routes directly to your drivers.

Lower Fuel Costs

Monitoring fuel usage is crucial in keeping costs down. We help you eliminate wasted fuel costs through: efficient route planning, monitoring idling time, fuel usage reports, audible in-vehicle alerts for aggressive driver behavior and more. Also, fuel card integration verifies and tracks all fuel transactions made by your drivers.

Driver Coaching Improves Driver Safety

Correct poor driving habits in real-time; add custom driver alerts based on time or speed. For example, if a driver has left his or her car idling for over 5 minutes, set up a beeping alert to let the driver know to turn off the vehicle. The beeping won’t stop until the vehicle has been shut off. Also, set similar alerts for speeding, harsh braking, seatbelt and more.

HOS/DVIR Compliance

Being compliant with government regulations can often be a hassle, and being non-compliant can result in heavy fines. With our HOS & DVIR compliance solutions you will never need to worry again.

Maximize Safety & Protect Your Brand

Eliminate distracted driving through disabling the functionality of your driver’s mobile devices. With the assistance of a driver app and in-vehicle hardware, the driver’s device goes into Safe Mode once the vehicle begins moving. Eliminate risk, liability and keep your fleet operation running smoothly, while ensuring the protection of your brand.

The delivery industry can be quite demanding; you need to make sure that each and every delivery is performed in the most timely and efficient manner. Taking the necessary steps to cut down on unnecessary travel time in order to preserve profits and increase your company’s bottom line is essential to the longevity of your company. Installing a vehicle tracking GPS device makes it easy to locate all of your delivery vehicles and drivers 24/7.