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Fleet Maintenance Software: 4 Important Benefits

4 Important Benefits Of Fleet Maintenance Software

Businesses with fleet operations can benefit greatly from utilizing fleet maintenance software. That is why GoFleet offers Maintenance Assistant CMMS as an add-on to their quality GPS fleet management solution.

1. Manage Your Vehicles

In addition to being able to manage and track all of your vehicles with GoFleet’s GPS fleet management system, you will be able to keep up with the critical preventative maintenance of your vehicles. The fleet maintenance software automatically tracks insurance and licenses information, warranty information, past work orders, vehicle usage and manufacturer reports. Automatically tracking this information will save you time as well as money.

2. Work Orders

With the Maintenance Assistant add-on, you can instantly create work orders for vehicle service and repairs. You can set up multiple triggers for any vehicle maintenance activity based on vehicle mileage, engine hours or time. Once the trigger is hit, the software will automatically create the work order on the maintenance task. You will never forget a preventative maintenance activity on one of your vehicles ever again.

3. Tire Management

When you are maintaining a healthy fleet, properly maintaining your vehicles’ tires and using a TPMS is a critical aspect. Our unique software add-ons will allow you to track PSI, tire history, tread depth, tire size, cost per mile, purchasing information, warranties and leasing information. In addition, it provides vital information including predictive failure analysis so you can take care of issues before they occur. This saves time, money and improves driver safety.

4. Improve Performance

Using fleet maintenance software will help your business adhere to the best maintenance practices for your fleet. This will help you improve your company’s performance because it will mean your drivers and vehicles will spend more time on the road and less time in the shop. It also improves driver and vehicle safety. When your vehicles are properly maintained, they will be less likely to break down or need service when your drivers are behind the wheel.

For more information on our GPS fleet tracking and management systems, and our Maintenance Assistant add-on, contact a fleet optimization specialist today.

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