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Computerized Maintenance Management Software Features

Features of GoFleet’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Businesses face many challenges trying to manage their fleet’s maintenance. Handling the process manually can prove time consuming and complicated. It is not difficult to overlook the scheduling of preventative maintenance. In addition, unexpected repair costs, scheduling issues and inefficient fuel usage can increase the operating costs for each vehicle and hurt the business’ bottom line.

Fleet managers can improve their operations with GoFleet’s computerized maintenance management software add-on. This software lets managers gain control of their operations and manage maintenance costs. GoFleet’s computerized maintenance management software is easy to use and fully customizable to meet each business’ individual needs.

Fleet managers are able to quickly resolve their fleet maintenance issues and anticipate maintenance requirements in the future. GoFleet provides a wide variety of computerized maintenance management software tools to handle vehicle service issues, preventative maintenance and scheduling repairs.

The computerized maintenance management software is fully integrated with GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracking system allowing managers to track, capture and analyze all of the fleet’s metrics including vehicle usage, engine hours, fuel consumption, vehicle data and fleet operation costs. This data allows fleet managers and business owners to make informed business decisions to optimize their fleet operations, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the bottom line.

Advantages of Computerized Maintenance Management System

Fleet managers can easily schedule maintenance activities and reminders for all necessary maintenance including oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotation, license renewal and lease expiry. Customized reminders can be set up for any other maintenance activities. Reminders can be set up as a one-time event or recurring events based on vehicle mileage, vehicle engine hours or a set time frame.

Fleet managers can define as many triggers for preventative maintenance as necessary. These triggers can automatically complete vehicle maintenance work orders and other maintenance tasks. Meter readings are also monitored automatically.

With GoFleet’s computerized maintenance management software, fleet managers will be able to manage their vehicle’s full life-cycle with a complete view of all mobile assets and equipment. For more information about the computerized maintenance management software, Contact Us.

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