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Industry Use Cases

  • Respond quicker and provide better service with full real-time visibility of your fleet
  • Pull engine hours & odometer readings; diagnose faults remotely and manage powerful reports/alerts for PTO, fuel, temperature, pressure and more to prevent downtime
  • Coaching for drivers to self-correct harsh driving, excess idling and speeding habits; resulting in significant fuel & safety savings
  • Safe, affordable & effective to streamline your operations. Plan, optimize, and dispatch routes; drivers can message, change status & mark jobs complete
  • Simple, affordable & powerful transport compliance solutions that allow drivers to perform HOS Logs & DVIR easily through their SmartPhone or Tablet using Geotab Drive.

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Dramatic Improvement in Customer Service

“There has been a dramatic improvement in the level of customer service. We have been able to give them accurate delivery times and that is keeping them happy.”
- Ryan Marenger, CSA, Tire Supplier Distribution

Solution Bundle Features

Be Ready for the New ELD Mandate

Being compliant with government regulations can often be a hassle, and being non-compliant can result in heavy fines. With our HOS & DVIR compliance solutions you will never need to worry again.

Lower Fuel Costs

We help you identify and eliminate wasted fuel costs in areas such as: monitoring idling time, fuel usage reports, efficient route planning, audible in-vehicle alerts for aggressive driver behavior and fuel card integration to verify/track all fuel transactions made by your drivers.

Optimizing Routing & Dispatching

Reduce fuel costs and decrease the amount of travel time to the next customer location. Gain access to vehicle location and status 24/7 and send the closest crew or truck to the next location.


We remove the manual component of tracking each individual receipt and calculating the fuel tax amounts, helping management improve accuracy and reduce time.

Increase Safety

Monitor driver behavior and address it immediately as it occurs. Other software produces reports on driver behavior, which we do, but in addition we offer in-vehicle audible (beeping) alerts in real-time. You can set custom safety alerts for many different driver behaviors to best suit your needs.

It’s time to work with a fleet management solution partner that not only understands ELD, but can help you address all the needs of your fleet; from safety and fuel all the way to driver forms and dispatching to help you save time & money.