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Cut Costs With Fleet Maintenance Software

Our Fleet Maintenance Software Will Cut Down Your Costs

Our easy to use fleet maintenance software/fleet management solutions are designed to help you cut costs associated with maintaining vehicles by streamlining your workflow. It will help you quickly and easily identify over—and underutilized vehicles, eliminate unnecessary inventory, track your assets, schedule preventive upkeep, predict potential hazards, and really help manage your facility in the most efficient way possible.

In the very pit of fleet maintenance software, there must be a robust reporting mechanism. This supports users in identifying usage and repair trends to minimize unnecessary costs.

Fleet maintenance software helps you extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime, and get the most out of your assets.

Here’s some common functions of a fleet maintenance software system:

Maintenance Management

Manage preventative task schedules, work orders, and vehicle repair histories—based on timelines or custom triggers. Some systems also include predictive maintenance, which raises flags based on physical parameters like noise, vibration, temperature or emissions.

Inventory and Equipment Control

Helps efficiently manage tools, consumables, and remanufacturable parts—allowing you to monitor current inventory, orders, returns, transfers, part changes, hazard and disposal fees, etc.

Vehicle and Asset Management

Track the vehicles in your fleet. Vehicle maintenance software is a valuable feature of these systems. This starts at purchasing and runs all the way through resale or disposal, including along the way: regulatory compliance, fuel consumption, tire usage, warranties, lifecycle cost, driver history, and more.

Accident and Claim Management

Proper upkeep mitigates risk, but accidents still do happen. A good commercial fleet maintenance software and management systems help you manage claims and monitor incidents and driving habits to reduce risk on the road.

GPS Tracking

GPS software improves efficiency through mapping, driver locating, reporting on driving paths and activity, turn-by-turn directions, and more.


What Type of Buyer Are You?

The vast majority of fleet maintenance and management software purchasers fall into one of these categories:

  • Vehicle rental organizations. These are companies that specialize in loaning vehicles out to other companies. These businesses desire a system that supports detailed preventative tasks and work orders, flexible inventory control, a good user interface and strong integration with billing and customer relationship processes.
  • Service based industries. Companies that use their fleet for field services may want their fleet maintenance software integrated with a dispatching system to ensure maximum efficiency in scheduling routes. Depending on the size of the organization, you may also want to pay close attention to CRM systems, as well as billing and accounting.
  • Distribution and delivery companies. As with service companies, distribution and delivery businesses will want excellent dispatch capabilities to ensure maximum efficiency in scheduling routes. These businesses desire their fleet maintenance software to integrate with their distribution and warehousing software with ease to help keep track of all the products going in and out.
  • Transportation Industry. Buyers who transport people need to keep excellent records—tying customers to the vehicle and going that next step to make sure the vehicle and driver are safe. This requires a top-notch tool along with fleet maintenance and often customer relationship management.
  • Heavy Machinery Users. Buyers in the ag industry or construction businesses often have large vehicles that double as heavy machinery. This requires software that’s specialized to that particular industry’s tools. Or else easily customizable to fit those needs.


This comprehensive guide to fleet maintenance software is geared towards those desiring fleet management solutions for their business. To answer further questions about whether our fleet maintenance software is right for your business, please call GoFleet at 1.888.998.1122 or by emailing our sales team here.

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