Energy Exposition Post Show Follow-Up

Oil & gas industry professionals filled the 244 acre site of Loveland Coloarado’s Events Complex for the 2017 Energy Exposition – and we had a blast as a first-time exhibitor!

This year the show was celebrating 18 years as Rocky Mountain’s longest running energy trade exhibition. It was a jam-packed show with excellent exhibitors and a vibrant crowd of attendees. Although the heat was heavy, the expo was very light in spirit and it was a great place to learn more about the growth and future of the energy industry.


And getting to see the Rocky Mountains was definitely a bonus!


Solar Powered Asset Tracking Solution Benefits

Solar Trax


Solar Trax devices are self-charging which makes them the perfect asset tracker to support long-term remote deployments without the need to replace the battery. The devices use a highly efficient solar cell to continuously charge the battery and maximize operating life. With Solar Trax devices you can track your assets under extreme weather conditions, they are IP67-rated for resistance against water, dust, and impact. All firmware updates are done over-the-air, so there is never a need to remove the device from your assets.


Benefits of Solar Powered Asset Tracking


  • Advanced GPS Tracking Know the exact location of your assets and protect them from theft; devices are manufactured with an embedded and integrated GPS receiver.
  • Energy Harvesting Highly efficient solar cell to continuously charge and maximize operating life of the internal (and rechargeable) Lithium Ion battery.
  • Multiple Applications & Cheaper Alternative The solution is suitable for tracking dry containers, non-powered assets, heavy equipment, trailers, among many other items. It is also a much cheaper alternative to other asset tracking solutions.
  • Automatic Firmware Upgrades Upgrades to firmware are carried out over-the-air, automatically, eliminating the need to ever remove devices from assets.
  • Built to Withstand Track your assets under the most extreme weather conditions. The weatherproof case of Solar Trax is IP67 certified.
  • Extensive Inputs and Outputs Multiple inputs allow for interfacing with various sensors to further enhance the solution to be utilized in unique applications.


Useful Asset Information


Solar Trax provides real-time tracking for large and small assets and makes it easy to create geofences around job sites or other areas. There is no limit to the number of assets the system can support. You can easily run reports around your assets using Geotab Exception logic and identify how long assets have been stationary. Generate custom reports by filtering via asset group and date range.

solar power gps

Customers who require frequent data for location, health, and monitoring of their remote assets can be assured that our solar power GPS solution will provide more frequent data for longer periods compared to other asset tracking devices in the market today.

National Heavy Equipment Show Follow-Up

Heavy equipment professionals filled the halls of Mississauga’s International Centre for the 2017 National Heavy Equipment Show – and we had a blast as a first-time exhibitor!

This year was the show’s 20th-anniversary edition and welcomed 13,370 buyers – roughly on par with the last show in 2015.

“We were pleased to once again break 13,000 attendees. It speaks well of the state of the industry. Business is coming back. And we’re very excited about the next show in 2019, which is sure to be even bigger and better!”

– Mark Cusack, National Show Manager


Show attendees this year included a mix of industry professionals with leaders of construction, land improvement, infrastructure, and road building industries – along with students, job seekers, and those training for specific trades. We even saw some families come through with young children who were in absolute awe of the massive equipment.


One of the big highlights for us? When we showed up to the show we realized we were right next to one of our awesome clients – Joe Johnson Equipment!

Improve Driver Performance With Fleet Tracking Solutions & Employee Incentives


Fleet Tracking Solutions Improve Driver Performance


Fleet tracking solutions offer many advantages; one in particular is it can help identify which employees have poor driving habits. Not only does this cause safety issues for your drivers and other people on the road, it is wasting company money on fuel and could be adding extra wear and tear to the vehicle.

It is crucial to tell your drivers if fleet tracking solutions will be implemented because that alone is going to improve their driving habits. Many of our clients installed the solution and noticed huge improvements within the first few weeks without having to discuss their drivers poor driving habits. When fleet tracking solutions are introduced properly, and you clearly explain what you hope to accomplish with the solution (such as reduced fuel costs by reducing idling and speeding) they will likely want to improve their driving on their own.


To assist you on implementation check out this download:
How to Successfully Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Team.


For those drivers who don’t improve on their own, fleet tracking solutions will help identify what drivers are costing you the most money (through speeding, idling, hard braking etc.) You may want to start out by addressing your drivers as a group, to avoid singling anyone out. This way you can bring up the most commonly seen issues to your drivers as a whole – and hope they all improve. If you are still struggling with a few individual drivers, it’s then best you sit down with them to discuss how their habits are wasting fuel and causing a safety concern, and what they can do to improve.


Employee Incentives for Most Improved Drivers


We have experienced many of our clients in the past creating a friendly company competition between all the drivers to see who can be the most successful. It makes it more fun for the employees to all compete for the best driver scorecard for the week. Some of our clients also start an incentive program to encourage drivers to have the best driving behaviour in the company.

Here are a couple ideas for employee incentives to improve driver performance:

  • Financial Incentive/Gift Cards
    Everyone responds to financial incentives. This is better for larger fleets with fluctuating numbers. You could do a monthly or quarterly financial incentive or gift card to the driver with the lowest idling cost, the fewest amount of driving incidents, the lowest amount of speeding infractions or a combination of everything.
  • Employee of the Month
    This is a fun, easy, low cost incentive a company of any size can offer. You could reward the best driver for the month the title of “Employee of the Month” and this could grant them various privileges around the office.
  • Group Incentive
    If you would prefer to do an office reward you could set goals for the entire office to be involved with. This might be staying under a certain amount of idling or keeping the number of driving infractions for the fleet, under a specific goal. As a reward to the office if the goals are met, you could take them all out for lunch, throw a pizza party, or let everyone off early one Friday before a long weekend.

The ideas are endless and your drivers will respond to GPS vehicle tracking whether you offer an incentive or not; offering an incentive may simply give that extra boost to drivers who take a little more convincing of the benefits of fleet tracking solutions.

Driving the Fleet Safety Movement


What To Look for When Choosing an ELD Provider

Of course, every company claims they have the best features and hardware when it comes to telematics and e-logs, but you need to look for what’s best for you and your business in the long run.

So what should you look for when choosing your telematics and e-log provider?

  1. FMCSA Compliance
    Is the solution FMCSA Compliant? If not, stop looking. Without being compliant with the standards set out by the FMCSA, even with an e-log solution you could still be at risk of fines.
  2. Experience
    It hasn’t even been a year since the FMCSA released the final rule, and since then there has been a ton of new companies popping up offering ELD solution. Even before getting into the features of the solution, take a look at the supplier’s experience and expertise with the FMCSA and ELDs.
  3. Long-Term Solution
    As you know, the Commercial Vehicle industry deals with constantly evolving and changing regulations. It’s crucial your future supplier is comfortable with the industry to easily manage constant changes and updates, without any downtime. It’s also important the ELD equipment/software you have invested in will allow for easy updates to stay on par with any new regulations or changes, and in order to grow along with your business.
  4. Expandability & Integration
    You want to work with a company that will be a long-term fit, and that usually means being able to adapt and integrate with other technologies as necessary. Does the supplier allow for 3rd party apps to be connected? With an open platform you can easily integrate all your solutions, whether that be dispatching, accounting, or anything else, into an all-in-one solution platform for easier access and management.
  5. Compliant in Canada, Alaska and Oil Fields
    The FMCSA regulations are different in oil field operations, in Canada and in Alaska. If your business also operates in these areas, ensure your supplier is able to meet those requirements to prevent downtime and keep your business in compliance.
IFTA Software

Make Life Easier with IFTA Software

As you likely already know, there are four parts to IFTA fuel tax forms: mileage, fuel, state and filing date. This sounds pretty straight forward, until you realize the information needs to be filled out for every single trip.

Fortunately, there is now lots of different IFTA software options available that make it much easier to stay in compliance with IFTA fuel tax reporting requirements (and we all know that noncompliance and inaccurate records can cost a pretty penny!).

If you’re struggling to figure out your IFTA payments, you’re not alone. IFTA management software is here to help, and while yes some are definitely better than others, they all strive to solve the same problem.


Top 5 Benefits of Implementing IFTA Software


  1. Eliminate Errors
    With automated IFTA reporting, there is little to no room for error. You no longer have to rely on your drivers to fill out forms; the software will collect all data, including trip sheets, mileage tax reports, and monthly fuel data and mileage, directly from the vehicle.
  2. Eliminate Data Entry
    Data entry can be tedious, boring, and time consuming. With IFTA software you’ll eliminate data entry all together freeing up time for more important tasks.
  3. Save Money
    IFTA is madatory, and when filled out incorrectly can result in a costly fine. By automating your IFTA reporting there is no human error meaning there will be no expensive fines.
  4. Go Green
    With automated IFTA reporting, you eliminate the need for paper entry – cutting down on costs and taking another step to being a greener company.
  5. Eliminate Outsourcing
    IFTA reporting can be complicated and time consuming, which is why you may outsource it to another company. With automated IFTA reporting built right into a GPS solution, you eliminate the extra cost and hassle of outsourcing.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to IFTA software and start enjoying all the benefits of automated IFTA reporting today!


It’s easy to access automated IFTA reports with MyGeotab.
Check it out for yourself:
Quick Guide: MyGeotab IFTA Management


5 Easy Fuel Saving Tips for Your Fleet

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) expense for fleet based companies is fuel. And with fuel being necessary to running your business you may often think there is nothing you can do about high fuel costs. However, properly maintaining vehicles and educating your drivers are two of the best ways to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce high fuel expenses.


Check out these 5 easy fuel saving tips to start reducing fuel expenses today:



  • Change Your Air FilterUp to 10% of your engine’s efficiency can be compromised and internal engine parts can be damaged from a clogged air filter. A clean air filter can improve a vehicle’s gas mileage by up to 10%, according to the federal government. If you change your air filter every 12,000 miles you will protect the engine as well as improve fuel economy.



  • Check Your Tire PressureThe U.S. Department of Energy states drivers could increase their fuel efficiency by 3% by simply keeping their tires inflated. Your fuel costs increase per mile even if your tires are just 1 psi under inflated. It’s important to ensure your fleet’s tires are all inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure to not only improve fuel efficiency but provide a safer ride as well.



  • Slow DownAnd Relax! If your drivers are stressed, they are much more likely to accelerate quickly and brake hard, reducing fuel efficiency. These poor driving habits can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 5% according to the EPA.



  • Reduce Vehicle Weight100 pounds of extra weight in your vehicle can reduce fuel efficiency by 2%. This is especially prominent in smaller vehicles. Have your fleet drivers empty out anything that is not essential from their vehicles and ensure in the winter they are cleaning snow and ice off thoroughly.



  • Plan RoutesSave on vehicle wear and tear and reduce miles driven by effectively planning your drivers routes. Also, try to keep track of where your drivers are throughout the day. This way if there is an emergency you can send the closest driver to the location. It’ll keep your customers happy by reaching them sooner and cut down on miles driven.


These are small changes that can result in big savings. Educate your drivers on how their driving habits effect fuel efficiency and start working towards fuel savings today!

Easy Fuel Saving Tips for Fleet


Fact or Fiction? Gas Myths Debunked
10 Easy Ways to Save on Gas

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Fuel Saving Tips to Stretch Your Gas Dollars

Driver Coaching Vs. Safety Reports


Driver Coaching: Real-Time Feedback For Drivers


Two of the biggest reasons many company’s come to us looking for a GPS tracking solution, is to increase safety & lower fuel costs, both of which can be greatly impacted through driver coaching. While other GPS tracking companies provide safety reports (which we also provide on top of the driver coaching feature), these reports do not offer the real-time correction capabilities of driver coaching.

What is Driver Coaching
GPS tracking systems have come a long way since being used to simply track your vehicles whereabouts. With the capabilities now available there are many different ways you can get a ROI while increasing the safety of your drivers and those they share the road with; driver coaching (also known as audible alerts) is something you definitely want to look for in a GPS solution.

Driver coaching provides alerts that occur inside the vehicle when drivers are driving in a way that wastes excessive fuel or puts them at risk. These alerts are commonly used for speeding, hard braking or accelerating, harsh cornering and excessive idling. The driver coaching alerts usually work as a beeping function inside the vehicle in real-time so your drivers can correct the inappropriate behaviour immediately. One of the best elements of the driver coaching feature is the ability to customize. You can set specific parameters that best suit your company and focus on the things your drivers need to improve on:

Driver Coaching Safety Settings

Our driver coaching not only helps improve safety, it also helps improve productivity:

Driver Coaching Productivity Settings

We have also recently introduced GOTALK, a new product that takes driver coaching to a whole new level. It allows you to program specific alerts that instead of beeping, actually speak to your drivers. For example, if a driver is speeding, you can program your GOTALK device to say “slow down” to your drivers in real-time.

What are Safety Reports?
Safety reports, or a Driver Scorecard Report as we refer to ours, is an easy to read report showcasing the incidents of each driver. It’s also a useful tool because it allows you to compare your drivers in one place and see their main problem. Unfortunately, it does not offer the ability to correct poor driving habits in real-time. Check out this sample report below:

Driver Scorecard Report Sample

As you can see from this example above, it is clear the main issue for this fleet is speeding. These reports can be great to sit down with your drivers and discuss any issues at hand. You can also use these reports to offer an incentive to your drivers. For example, this fleet clearly has a speeding problem which is not only putting the lives of themselves and others in danger, it is also wasting the fuel you pay for. Try offering your employees an extra vacation day or a gift card incentive to the person with the lowest number of speeding incidents each quarter; you would be surprised how well a little friendly competition may work in your favour.

Overall, both of these elements can be utilized for running a safer and more efficient fleet. Driver coaching helps to remind your drivers in real-time to correct behaviour without having to wait for a report to be created and review with the drivers. The safety reports give you an overview of your entire fleet all in one place, allowing you to see if any specific driver is being very unsafe or if your fleet as a whole needs to work towards safer practices.


To learn more about Driver Coaching and GOTALK, check out the video below.

Driving the Fleet Safety Movement

Time Theft: How it’s Hurting Your Business

How is Time Theft Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Do you ever stop and think that some of your drivers are padding their hours? If you do, you could be right. According to the American Payroll Association, the average employee steals 4 hours every week!

Get Rid of Paper Timecards

Still using paper timecards? This takes up extra time for both drivers and your accounting department, as well as runs the risk of being inaccurate. Companies that lack automated timecards have up to an 8% error rate, according to the APA.

One of the biggest downfalls to paper timesheets are that not only do they allow for human error but they are very easy to fake (making it easy to commit time theft). Employees could be arriving on the job 15 minutes late or leaving 15 minutes early everyday yet writing down otherwise. 10 to 15 minutes added from time to time may not seem like much, but it adds up. Let’s say an employee adds on 12 minutes each day to his or her timesheet. If this employee is paid $14.00 an hour working 5 days a week that adds up to a $672.00 per year loss. Now imagine multiple employees doing this and/or some of those hours being paid out as working overtime.

If you allow your drivers to take your company vehicles home, you probably catch yourself wondering if they use them for personal activities or even worse, side jobs. Not only could they be wasting the gas you pay for, they could be using your business name to make money on the side.

If you have a smaller fleet, it’s likely you don’t have a dedicated fleet manager making it especially hard to keep an eye on everything going on while your drivers are out on the road.

Increase employee productivity

Fortunately, for smaller fleet administrators that take on multiple roles, our fleet management technology can help. Our solution will not only eliminate time card discrepancies and the need for paper time cards, it has also proven to increase employee productivity by 15% and reduce fuel costs by 18%.

Time theft is often overlooked because many companies do not have any technology in place to monitor whether employees arrive on the job site the time they are supposed to; they are also missing out on the ability to track hours and verify employees work the hours they claim they do.

With GoFleet’s solution, you will be able to verify employee hours, ensure they are arriving to work or job sites on time and give accurate arrival estimates to your customers. This will increase the productivity of your workers, save you money, and keep your customers happy and coming back to you for more business in the future.


The sooner you become aware of unnecessary business expenses, time theft and
unproductive workers, the closer you are to increasing your bottom line.

Let our team help you save money, increase productivity and keep your customers happy.


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Detroit Business Law