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Extending Value with Third Party Software

With today’s technology, it is no surprise to us that our clients are often looking for a lot more than a basic tracking solution. With the limitless capabilities of our software and our continuous development and growth, we are happy to almost always be able to meet our clients needs. For the times we can’t, that is where our amazing third party software integration partners come in!

What Motivates Continual Development & Growth?

  • 12,000+ Customer Base That’s Growing Everyday
  • 500,000 Units Currently in Service & Constantly Growing
  • World Leader in Large Fleet Telematics Technology
  • 30% of Customers Operate in 2 or More Countries, Multilingual Capabilities
  • 50% of Install Base Rely on our SDK to Share Data with Third Party Applications

What is the SDK?
The SDK (software development kit) allows you to get even more our of our platform. With the Geotab library of functions and methods, you can create new applications, reports, or integrate data within your own system.

Click here to learn more about what the SDK package includes.

Solution Engineering

Third Party Add-Ons
Some of our third party add-ons include: Cameras, Temperature Monitoring, Wireless Gas Detection, and Man Down System. Our add-ons have a peripheral device that connects to your GO6 or GO7 GPS device through the IOX port. These add-ons have another physical component to them but can be used within our MyGeotab software platform as well as a separate platform.

Third Party Add-Ins
Some of our third party add-in include: MapsBI & PaperDoDo. Our add-ins do not have another physical element and are built right into our software for our customers to access. There are no other devices or software platforms needed.

Because of the large amount of data our devices can pull from a vehicle, and our software development kit, development companies love us! The possibilities are endless and that is why we have so many third-party partners and the list continues growing.

Many other companies sell you software, but not an actual solution. The reason we partner up with so many other great add-on and add-in partners is because we want to provide our customers with a customized solution to fit exactly what they are looking for.

Contact one of our trained fleet consultants to find out
how we can customize a solution to fit your business needs:

1-888-998-1122 | [email protected]

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