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Route Planning Software: Reliable Fleet Management

Reliable Fleet Management With GoFleet’s Route Planning Software.

Managing fleet vehicles and drivers is next to impossible without using reliable real time GPS tracking with route management software. Luckily, GoFleet has a fleet management software integration that was developed to manage all parts of fleet management including vehicle maintenance, labor, driver management, routing and driver dispatching.

GoFleet’s route planning software integration is web-based and can be accessed using any computer or mobile devices with an internet connection. This convenient software makes real time fleet management easy for fleet managers in any location. They are not stuck working at the office where the route planning software is installed on a local computer.

Dynamic Route Planning

GoFleet’s route planning software simplifies and automates fleet routing and scheduling. Dispatchers have a real-time view of the fleet operations. Drivers can be provided with the fastest and most efficient route to job-sites. In addition, job scheduling and dispatching can be done quickly in response to real-time events. This is especially important in businesses that have narrow fulfillment windows or when late deliveries have high penalties. GoFleet’s route planning software can automatically re-plan routes in the event of traffic, breakdowns or emergency service orders.

Fleet Tracking

One major benefit of GPS fleet tracking and route planning software is that it allows fleet managers to see exactly where drivers are located and where they have previously been. All location information is easy to access on real-time live maps.

Reminders and Alerts for Vehicle Service and Management Issues

Fleet managers and business owners have the ability to set up reminders for vehicle service and alerts for management issues such as driver speeding, driving out of the authorized area and idling excessively.

Management Reports and Histories

When all fleet operation data is stored in the route planning software, it is simple to compile management reports and vehicle/driver histories that can help a business improve efficiency and reduce costs. Reports can be created for fuel usage, routes driven, driver’s habits and much more.

GoFleet’s route management software can enhance a business’ fleet operations by increasing productivity, improving customer service and reducing costs. Businesses will see their return on investment within a matter of months of implementing the system. For more information speak with one of our fleet consultants at 1-888-998-1122.

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