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Vehicle Fleet Manager: Reinforce Safe Driving

Vehicle Fleet Manager: Reinforce Safe Driving With The GoFleet Businesses with company vehicles always face the challenge of safety for their drivers. The majority of drivers want to do what’s best by driving safely. Unfortunately, there is usually at least...

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Tips to Improve Driving Habits

Reduce Distraction, Be Proactive, Improve Driving You should never stop improving driving skills. Many of us get over confident or too comfortable in our bad habits that we often forget simple defensive driving skills. Driving defensively is the best way...

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Distracted Driving: Road Rage & Texting While Driving

Road Rage & Texting While Driving Result in Distracted Driving Texting while driving has become a rising concern across North America. The Province of Ontario in Canada has implemented increased fines, and in the USA President Barack Obama has signed...

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Driver Safety Management With Our GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software Manages Driver Safety Attempting to interpret and understand accelerometer data can be complicated, as users will oftentimes need to sift through a large number of various vehicle insights. To make things easier, GoFleet in partner with Geotab...

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Driving

Improve Your Driving With These Easy Tips Find the busy roads, and avoid them: Save time and gas by running a Trip History report on MyGeotab for your commute over the course of a few days, modifying your route each...

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Not Taking Action Puts Your Company at Risk

Improve Driver Safety With Telematics Many fleet managers put off implementing telematics to improve driver safety because they fear they will become aware of something that until now they did not have to subsequently manage. If you are in this...

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Increase Driver Productivity with GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking will increase Driver Productivity For those who run a business that relies on travel to customers to propagate your services, vehicle GPS systems are the productivity tool that now makes announcing services calls, required stops and everything else...

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