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The Incredible Disappearing Car: Combating GPS Jammers

There will always be a part of the population that wants to “fly under the radar” and attempt to conquer GPS tracking devices with GPS jammers. GoFleet and Geotab are dedicated to maintaining a stable and robust system and will...

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Immobilization, Driver Identification, and Safety

Safety is incredibly important at GoFleet, whether in relation to drivers themselves or maintaining the integrity and safety of client data. All Geotab services and products – both old and new – are constantly held to this paradigm. Below, we...

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Fleet Driver Safety Tracking Improves Driving Habits

It is normal for a fleet manager to always want his drivers to be on their best behavior. However, this is not always the case. Each company will always have employees with an aggressive style of driving who will often...

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Driver Fatigue and the Underestimated Dangers

Driver Fatigue Danger Driver fatigue can often be an underestimated danger. Companies rely on their drivers for getting to remote job sites, product deliveries, and transporting goods between warehouses. Your fleet drivers may often have to take long trips and/or...

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5 Ways to Effortlessly Manage Your Vehicles & Drivers

Manage Your Vehicles & Drivers Effortlessly: 5 Easy Ways As your business grows and becomes more complex, managing your drivers and vehicles also becomes more complex. Business owners and managers have to spread themselves thin in order to handle everything...

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Driver Scorecard: What it is & Why it's Important

What is the Driver Scorecard & Why is it Important? What is the Driver Scorecard? The Driver Score card report helps measure risk and safety scores based on various key indicators such as, speeding, harsh braking, over acceleration, and after-hours...

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GPS Tracking System Software Can Help Prevent Dangerous Driving

Help Prevent Dangerous Driving With GPS Tracking System Software In addition to ensuring your drivers are safe, business owners need to avoid unnecessary costs from careless or dangerous driving. Some people might think there is not much you can do...

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Comprehensive Fleet Driver Monitoring Best Practices

Best Practices For Comprehensive Fleet Driver Monitoring When you want to take an integrated approach to driver monitoring, you must consider driver’s license data, traffic violation information, Motor Vehicle Records and telematics information. However, alone this take gives an incomplete...

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Vehicle Fleet Manager: Reinforce Safe Driving

Vehicle Fleet Manager: Reinforce Safe Driving With The GoFleet Businesses with company vehicles always face the challenge of safety for their drivers. The majority of drivers want to do what’s best by driving safely. Unfortunately, there is usually at least...

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