GoBeacon Bluetooth Tracking Tags For Valuable Assets

The application communicates to the GoBeacons through the Bluetooth connection on Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and BLE/Wi-Wi. The devices transmit the GPS location information to an online database using Wi-Fi or cellular mobile data connection. View a map showing the location of smartphones and tablets along with the location of Beacons and the Beacon data including impacts, temperature, light exposure, proximity, battery level, speed, latitude, longitude, etc.
Easily find inventory, equipment, and tools in buildings and job sites, automate inventory pick-up and drop-off times. Site inventory is taken continuously to ensure accurate billing and provides notifications if equipment leaves or enters the site. The smartphone or tablet provides in/out audible text to speech notifications for selected tags.
In both mobile and web-based tracking, users can monitor precise geographic locations of all assets simultaneously on a live map in real-time. Up to the second information on your assets will streamline the workflow and management of your entire operation.
Better manage your facility assets by easily locating equipment, tools, and personnel on your smartphone or tablet. Even manage controlled temperature environments where necessary.
Attach GoBeacons to vehicles, equipment, personnel, and tools to monitor assets and personnel on the job site, set-up geofence alerts for better management and theft protection, assign costs based on resources used + more.
Better manage your pallets and trailers by knowing which trailer is attached, the temperature of the goods inside the trailer, when the door is opened, and what's on board/left behind.
The GoBeacon asset management solution is an add-in to MyGeotab. The GoBeacon tracking site is directly embedded in the fleet management software, allowing users to conveniently track and manage all aspects of their operation from a single consolidated portal.
IOX-Bluetooth can be used as a scanner for any third-party beacons with a public MAC address that are in range. This allows you to track and identify the last known location of equipment that are fitted with beacons. Beacons use Bluetooth® technology to broadcast signals to GoFleet’s GO7 device, a smartphone, or other connected devices that come within range.

Integrated Inventory Management Solution

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Real-time visibility of location, light exposure and temperature, and impact for tools,
goods and equipment in transit or at facilities




Real time location of tools and inventory equipment directly on a website and smartphone.



Determine if tag has been removed from equipment or exposed to light for dangerous goods transport.



Determine if equipment or product has been transported safely.



Known battery level of the tag along with warning if batteries are low.



Determine if equipment or product is stored properly based on temperature specs.



Calculated approximate distance from the tag to the reader (Phone, Tablet, Laptop).

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