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    NFC Driver ID

    Driver Activity Tracking

    Driver ID NFC

    Designed to identify which drivers are operating which vehicles in a fleet at any given time.


    In-Vehicle Verbal Driver Feedback

    in vehicle verbal driver feedback

    GOTALK enables spoken alerts to drivers in real-time using text-to-speech based on predefined rules. Set-up custom alerts and messages, and increase fleet safety with steps to improve driving habits.


    Sensor Monitoring Solution

    iox monitoring solutions

    The IOX-AUX is connected to a signal that enables Fleet Managers to monitor a variety of vehicle inputs such as sirens for emergency vehicles, refrigeration units, and seat-belt sensors. Using an On/Off built-in logic, the GO device can pick up a change in state of an object and attribute it as a signal.

    PressurePro TPMS

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System


    The PressurePro system is a complete and comprehensive TPMS system bringing together the PressurePro technology and the Geotab telematics system. The solution offers several automatic email alerts, historical data storage, and trend and vehicle analysis capabilities. Review tire performance by date, vehicle, tire, axle or by severity of issues.

    Valor Temperature Monitoring

    Reefer Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Valor Temptrac System

    Meet demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. Fresh produce, frozen goods, high-value assets (pharmaceuticals), will be delivered accurately, reliably & safely every time.

    Samsara Asset Tracking

    Protect Your Powered and Unpowered Assets

    AG45 samsara asset tracking

    Samsara’s AG24 for powered assets is ruggedized and weatherproofed, relaying real-time GPS data via the cloud while withstanding the toughest environmental conditions.

    Samsara Temperature Monitoring

    Cost Effective Monitoring, Control, & Compliance for Refrigerated Assets

    Samsara Temperature Tracking

    Wireless, waterproof sensors capture real-time and historical temperature and humidity data to simplify FSMA compliance and prevent lost loads.

    Samsara AG24 Trailer Tracker

    Drive Efficiency with Full Fleet Visibility

    Samsara Trailer Tracker

    Samsara offers an advanced IoT fleet management solution that combines internet-connected sensors with cloud-based software to help fleets of all sizes improve operational efficiency, prevent theft, and increase trailer utilization.

    IOX Dickey-John Integration

    Spreader Controller Monitoring

    Spreader Controller Monitoring

    GoFleet offers an integrated control point monitoring solution that provides distances, time, and the amount of granular & liquid materials being spread during the winter storm events. Fleet Managers are able to set up alerts and run reports around substance spreader activity.

    Valor TPMS

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Solution

    TPMS system

    TPMS is specifically engineered to meet the challenges of fleet management in reducing tire maintenance and fuel costs while increasing safety.

    Vehicle Immobilizer - Driver ID

    Vehicle Immobilizer with NFC Driver ID Technology


    Disables or enables the vehicle's ignition based on the driver ID, allowing owners/managers to grant drivers access to specific vehicles.