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Reefer Temperature Monitoring Protects Food & Beverages

Protect Food And Beverages With Reefer Temperature Monitoring

GoFleet offers reefer temperature monitoring as an add-on to their GPS fleet management solution. Valor Temptrac protects food and beverages by ensuring they are stored at the correct temperatures so they stay good and do not spoil. You will be able to meet the demanding requirements of temperature sensitive deliveries. Frozen goods, fresh produce, beverages and other food items will be delivered safely and accurately every time.

When you deliver food and beverages, you know that there are certain temperature requirements that are required during delivery to ensure that the products do not spoil. If these temperatures are not kept accurately during the entire delivery, the products you are delivering could spoil causing a huge financial loss.

Reefer temperature monitoring improves your company’s accountability. When you know your food and beverage products have remained at the correct temperatures during shipment, you can feel confident about your delivery. Customers will appreciate knowing they can rely on your company for fresh food and beverages.

Using Valor’s reefer temperature monitoring actually saves you time. Stops, manual checks and logging of the trailer’s internal temperature will be eliminated. The trailer temperature will be recorded automatically and sent wirelessly to GoFleet’s fleet management solution.

The reefer temperature monitoring system can monitor up to 4 zones of the refrigerator trailer at one time. The data is transmitted wirelessly and in real-time, every 4 seconds. If the temperature of the trailer zones goes under or over the set temperature limits, you will receive an immediate alert via email or SMS text message.

The reefer temperature monitoring system is fully integrated with GoFleet’s GPS fleet management device. You can track the temperatures of your food and beverages through the life of the shipment and the trend temperatures of your trailer over time from the convenience of your GoFleet fleet management software. You can easily create reports on the temperatures and view historical data through MyGeotab.

If you use refrigerated trailers, GoFleet’s refer temperature monitoring will eliminate spoilage and protect your food during delivery. For more information about how GoFleet can help protect your food and beverage deliveries, Contact Us.

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