Wireless Gas Detection Safety System

Simple yet robust gas detector for addressing chemical threats on oil/gas rigs and industrial sites.
The Estop provides a wireless, emergency shut-off for key equipment that can be initiated on-site or from a remote location.

Vehicle Mounted Mobile Wireless Gas Detection &
Wireless Panic Buttons for the Health & Safety or Personnel


Oil And Gas

Protect your oil and gas workers with a combination of sensor solutions.

Fire And HazMat

Public safety employees face the hazards of toxic gases every day, protect your employees.




Various Power Sources

Wireless gas detection sensors can run off of vehicle power or internal rechargeable batteries.


Instant Reports To Fleet Manager

Threats to personnel are instantly reported to the fleet manager.


Continuous Reports For Safety

Battery charge level and radio signal strength are continuously monitored and reported through GoFleet’s Geotab GO Device.


Hazardous Gas Presence Awareness

Personnel know the presence of hazardous gases before they leave the safety of the vehicle & gases to be detected are user selectable (over 120 possibilities).

Man Down System loud alarm

Panic Alarm Capabilities

Personnel can send a panic alarm from anywhere within 300 feet of the vehicle (up to a mile with external antennas).


Save Money

Dollars are saved by prevention of theft and spoilage.


Wireless Gas Detection Sensor Integration

Each sensor is integrated with its own radio and microprocessor.

quick and easy install

Easy To Install

Wireless sensors are very easily installed, reconfigured and relocated.

mygeotab reports

Easy Sensor & Alarm Modifications

Sensor sample rates and alarm thresholds can be set and modified by radio control without physically handling the sensors.

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