Realtime GPS Tracker: Benefits Your Drivers

Drivers’ Benefit From GoFleet’s Realtime GPS Tracker

When drivers first find out that their employer is going to implement a realtime GPS tracker system in the business fleet, they are usually not happy. This is only because they have not been fully informed of all the benefits the GPS technology can provide to them. Drivers will be thrilled when they find out what GoFleet’s realtime GPS tracker can do for them including providing additional safety and job security.

The most important thing a realtime GPS tracker system can do is keep the drivers safe. Their employer will always know where the drivers are so they will not get lost. Audible turn-by-turn navigation can easily direct drivers to remote job sites. Drivers will no longer get stuck on the side of the road calling to find out accurate directions.

If a vehicle gets stolen, a realtime GPS tracker will be able to alert law enforcement officials exactly where the vehicle is located. Having the realtime GPS tracker installed will not only prevent thefts, it will lead to quick recovery. The driver will not be side-lined while their employer finds another vehicle for them to use.

GoFleet’s realtime GPS tracker also deters distracted driving. Drivers will be safer because they will not have to answer their phones while they are driving or get distracted when they are in the middle of a risky job. Instead of text messaging or taking on the cell phone, GoFleet’s large touch screen displays two-way alerts instantly.

There is also a remote panic switch add-on that can be used for high-risk jobs. If a technician needs emergency assistance, all the driver has to do is press the button. Their employer will automatically be notified of the driver’s location so they can dispatch help.

In addition, GoFleet’s realtime GPS tracker saves employer’s money leading to job security. When a business runs efficiently, it contributes to its long-term success. Drivers can rest easy knowing their employer is doing everything in their power to maintain a successful business.

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