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Ambulance GPS Tracking Increases Response Time

Increase Response Time With Ambulance GPS Tracking

For emergency calls, one minute might mean the difference between life and death. That means each minute between the emergency call and the time the ambulance arrives on the scene is critical. The dispatchers must determine the closest ambulance to a location and send it out immediately. With ambulance GPS tracking, dispatchers will not have to guess which vehicle is the closest anymore. The ambulance GPS tracking software will quickly provide the closest ambulance to the emergency location so not even a moment of vital time is wasted.

With ambulance tracker, the paramedics will not have to rely on their memory to figure out the fastest route to the emergency site. The ambulance GPS tracking device will find it for them. The GPS will determine the fastest and most efficient route to the emergency so the paramedics only have to focus on getting there. This also prevents the paramedics from getting lost on the way to an emergency. Turn-by-turn directions will get them to the emergency quickly, even when it is in a remote location.

GoFleet’s ambulance GPS tracking systems monitors the ambulance drivers and keeps track of their locations. With a 3 second refresh rate, response time is cut down and more lives can be saved. The GoFleet system also has the ability to monitor when ambulance sirens go on and off. Dispatchers are able to monitor the ambulances in real-time and when an emergency call comes in, it only takes a second for the ambulance GPS tracking system to locate the closest vehicle. With siren monitoring, dispatchers can tell which ambulances are in-route to an emergency and which ambulances are available.

Reducing the emergency response time is critical to saving lives. When the ambulance is equipped with an ambulance GPS tracking device, dispatchers can locate vehicles faster so they can arrive on scene within minutes.

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