New Active Tracking Telematics Solution Enables ‘True’ Live Location Tracking


Active Tracking Provides the Industry’s Most Frequent Location Updates,
Enabling Dispatchers to Immediately Identify & Resolve Problems
Such as Delays, Thefts & Speeding


For first responders, taxi companies and other fleet owners, the ability to know the live vehicle position provides a variety of competitive and bottom-line benefits. That’s why our partner Geotab, a leading global provider of end-to-end telematics technology, has announced its premium quality Active Tracking solution which provides location information faster and at a more granular level, with less data overhead than any other telematics solution currently on the market.

The Active Tracking solution is a new feature for use with MyGeotab, our web-based fleet management software, and the award-winning Geotab GO7 GPS vehicle tracking device, which detects data from the engine, instrument cluster, drivetrain and other relevant subsystems to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. When fleet owners enable Active Tracking, the software tells the device to deliver location updates as soon as they’re available.

Using patented algorithms, MyGeotab presents that granular location information on an animated map, reflecting the steady movement of the vehicle, instead of jagged jumps often seen with other telematics solutions. As a result, the Active Tracking solution provides deep, actionable insights that are particularly useful in applications where the precise vehicle location for dispatch purposes is essential.

Ideally suited for first responders or any dispatcher wishing to closely monitor vehicle activity, Active Tracking is like viewing the vehicle from a traffic helicopter – able to watch live as the vehicle accelerates, slows down for traffic, stops at the side of the road, or speeds down a winding road. After some use a dispatcher will be able to tell, at a glance, if a driver is driving too fast for the road or reassure a caller that the ambulance has just turned off the highway onto their street.

Active Tracking also is ideal for enabling rule-based applications such as:

  • When paired with Geotab’s new GO TALK solution, Active Tracking leverages text-to-speech for more comprehensive behind the wheel driver coaching such as when drivers exceeds the posted speed limit.
  • Notifying dispatchers when a service call will be late because of traffic. This information enables the fleet owner to respond in ways that maximize customer satisfaction by reassigning another driver to a job or at least informing the customer of what’s going on.
  • Integrating data with third party applications such as route planning, allows Active Tracking managers and dispatchers to know when vehicles suddenly depart from a preferred route. This feature is ideal for ensuring the safety of employees, passengers and high-value cargo, in situations such as hijacking.

“Active Tracking is the latest example of Geotab’s commitment to providing fleet owners with actionable insights that they can’t get from any other telematics solution on the market. We’re confident that Active Tracking will become the must-have solution for first responders, trucking firms, taxi companies and other fleet owners that understand how live location information enables them to maximize productivity, safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

– Geotab’s CEO Neil Cawse

Fortune 500 companies rely on our solutions to enhance driver safety, improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption and achieve stronger compliance to regulatory changes. The products are represented and sold worldwide on five continents and serve over 12,000 customers. Today, 600 million telematics data-points are collected on MyGeotab every day, deeming it one of the world’s leading global telematics platforms, in which unique data collection from vehicles can be used for intelligent benchmarking to improve overall performance and safety for any fleet.


Check out a quick live demo of active tracking in action below:

To learn more about Live Active Tracking, and how it can help your fleet,
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Source: New Active Tracking Telematics Solution Enables ‘True’ Live Location Tracking