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Fleet Tracking Device: Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Labor Costs With GoFleet’s Fleet Tracking Device

When you run a business, you need to focus on your core business activities. You do not have time to waste validating your employees’ time sheets or figuring out messy payroll issues. When you use GoFleet’s fleet tracking device, you can eliminate employees’ fraudulent work time claims, reduce pricey overtime and cut the amount of time you are doing payroll paperwork.

GoFleet’s fleet tracking device provides managers with custom reports for all aspects of fleet management including the hours worked by each driver. You will now have instant access to the actual vehicle operation hours, the actual times your driver started and finished work, average weekly and daily hours, and exact hours and days worked.

Many of GoFleet’s customers’ report that they instantly start saving on overtime costs as soon as they implement a GoFleet fleet tracking device system in their fleet. The GoFleet hours worked report can be used as an electronic time sheet that you can feel confident is accurate.

Benefits of GoFleet’s Fleet Tracking Device

Eliminate fraudulent time claims with actual start and finish times: You will no longer have to rely on your driver to let you know when they started and finished work. A GoFleet fleet tracking device acts like an automatic time sheet with the true start and finish times.

Reduce Overtime: Since your drivers will be working more efficiently and productively, they will not have to work overtime to get the job done.

Monitor vehicle use for personal use: It is not uncommon for drivers to run personal errands between jobs. This not only increases your labor costs, it also increases your fuel costs.

Eliminate drivers stopping for prolonged times: When drivers are not being monitored, they are more likely to stop between jobs for prolonged breaks. Without a fleet tracking device, they can claim they were at the job site longer than they actually were or claim they were stuck in traffic.

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