Lone Defender

The Lone Defender is a multi-faceted lone worker safety device that protects your workers in dangerous conditions. It offers GPS tracking, man-down detection, a built-in RFID reader to scan patrol tags, and more.
Track GPS positions of lone workers in real-time on Google Maps. The Lone Defender contains a built-in GPS button which transmits precise GPS information to the server in an instant.
If you are in trouble, press the SOS button to generate an immediate alert in the system.
The Lone Defender contains a built-in RFID reader. Identify areas that have been patrolled by receiving alerts when checkpoints are reached (i.e. tags are scanned). Scanning tags will also identify the specific worker on patrol.

A list of contacts can be setup for emergencies. If the first contact does not dismiss the alert, the Lone Defender will move on to the next contact.

The Lone Defender will automatically detect if a worker falls down and create an immediate alert in the system.

Real-Time Lone Worker Protection with GPS, Two-Way Communication & RFID Reader

Lone Defender is a state of the art, robust lone worker safety solution which contains built-in GPS, a panic button, automatic emergency detection, two-way communication and an RFID tag scanner. The battery is rechargeable (up to 75 hour battery life); the rugged casing is IP67 rated for use in harsh environmental conditions.

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IP67 Rated

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Locate lone workers within seconds if they press the built-in GPS button or if an emergency situation is detected; accurate GPS information of the worker is sent to the server instantly.


Lone Worker Safety

The device can detect position changes through acceleration. For example, if a worker falls down and doesn’t get up for a specified amount of time, the device will send an SOS signal with the GPS position to the server.

Man Down System loud alarm

Fast and Easy Communication

Quickly pressing one button will send a text message to a pre-programmed phone number to call back.

increase safety

Rugged and Durable

The Lone Defender is IP67 rated, allowing for use in exceptionally harsh environmental conditions.


Panic Button

Send an SOS signal to ask for help in the case of an emergency. The SOS signal will be sent back to the server with GPS information.

Line Of Sight

Emergency Call Flow

If the first contact on the call flow list is unavailable or doesn’t respond quickly enough, the Lone Defender will go on to the next contact, until it reaches available personnel.


Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The device provides a low battery alert, up to 75 hours of operation time between charges, and takes 5-7 hours to recharge.

motion detector

View Trip & Alert History

View trip and alarm history on the user-friendly dashboard. Manage alerts and dismiss as necessary.


Built-In RFID Tag Reader

Lone workers can alert managers of specific areas that have been patrolled. Place tags in different areas and receive immediate alerts when they are scanned using the Lone Defender.

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