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Using Third Party Devices with GoFleet in MyGeotab

GoFleet is excited to be collaborating with a number of different partners offering a variety of add-ons to help make fleet management even easier and increase safety and productivity. All of the add-ons allow seamless integration into our existing clients My.Geotab software. The new software that will be provided by our partners include: tire pressure monitoring, trailer temperature monitoring, video surveillance, man down systems and a maintenance management solution.

The power of the right platform often means everything to a fleet manager. Some fleets may have existing GPS tracking devices from third party providers and would like to take total advantage of the many features of the My.Geotab, fleet management system. For example, a fleet may want to continue using existing satellite tracking devices or battery-powered asset tracking for mobile assets (trailers or equipment).

Not all GPS fleet tracking providers embrace the open platform philosophy that we do here at GoFleet. Our open platform approach allows fleets to re-purpose existing hardware by adding it to their existing My.Geotab system. GoFleet makes this process both easy and cost effective.

API Software Interface
Each telematics device is programmed to store data and communicate in different ways. In order to deliver the data in a format that our servers can understand, the interested customer (sometimes with the help of GoFleet) must first develop what is called a software interface. This software must have the ability to collect data from the third party devices before it’s delivered to the My.Geotab servers in a format they understand.

After adding third party devices to the My.Geotab database, the device will function much like a GO device would. Whenever the software delivers new data, it will flow to the correct database automatically. This allows fleets with any mixture of third party devices and our GO devices to take full advantage of the many features available in My.Geotab.

The following items are required to take advantage of third party devices in MyGeotab:

  • A custom serial number prefix (e.g. “C1”) allocated by GoFleet or Geotab
  • A MyAdmin account to which GoFleet (in partner with Getoab) will assign the necessary permissions to use third party integration
  • A My.Geotab hosted database
  • A software application that will interface between the third party devices and My.Geotab

Check out all of our great add-ons now available:

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