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ELD mandate June 12, 2021

ZenduWorkPaperless work order management

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Intelligent Dispatching Software

Access all of the tools you need from ZenduWork. With just the click of a button, you can create work orders with personalized forms, create routes for any of your drivers, and assign work orders to routes.
Streamline Work Orders

Streamline Work Orders

An all-inclusive platform used for every step of the work order management process

Optimize Dispatch Routes

Optimize Dispatch Routes

Plan your routes effectively and increase dispatch efficiency

Stay Connected with Live Updates

Stay Connected with Live Updates

Use instant messaging and see live fleet data for increased visibility

Easily Dispatch

View dispatched driver information at a glance when reviewing work orders. See their location on a map, the anticipated route the driver will be taking, as well as route completion information.
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Easily Dispatch
Save Fuel and Time

Save Fuel and Time

Don’t waste time organizing and planning a driver’s route. With one click of a button, you can optimize any drivers route to make sure they complete their work orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Optimize Your Route

See Everything at a Glance

If your drivers already have smartphones, there is no additional hardware needed. Simply install the fleet tracking app on their phones and start running a more efficient fleet!
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See Everything at a Glance
Follow Your Drivers, Anywhere

Follow Your Drivers, Anywhere

Track vehicle and worker activity in real-time anytime, anywhere in real-time. Know where your drivers are 24/7 to increase productivity and revenue.
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Custom Form Builder

Build custom forms in ZenduWork so you can ensure that drivers are completing routes properly and all required information is collected each time.
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Custom Form Builder

How it works?

Here’s how you can streamline your Work Order Management Process.


When you receive an order, create a custom form or use an existing form . Assign to a driver and a route.


Dispatched driver gets a notification. See their location on a map, the route, and route completion information.


Invoice clients ASAP after a work order has been completed and auto-notifications sent to the dispatcher.

More Features


Driver Mobile Clock In and Clock Out

Mobile view of how drivers are required to clock-out by using the ZenduWork application on their phone. Ensuring they are always aware of how long they have been driving.

Stay In Touch

Send and receive messages instantly from within the same portal! The ZenduMessenger integration eliminates the need for third-party software, making user communication so much more accessible.

Get Paid Faster

Invoice clients ASAP after a work order has been completed with auto-notifications sent to the dispatcher.


Route Optimization

When setting up a new route for a driver, have the option to either create a new ‘one time’ route that is optimized based on their start and finish locations, or assign a ‘template’ route that has been saved due to its frequent use.

Products & Services

Choose to upload your businesses products and services so you can attach them to work orders. This opens up the ability to provide your customer with more delivery details, and makes invoice creation easier.

Sync Geotab Users and Vehicles

Geotab assets and users are directly synced and mapped to ZenduWork, saving any manual work.