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Increase Fleet Safety & Eliminate Risky Driving Habits

Over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of crashes are influenced by driver behaviour- Your
business reputation and bottom-line are vulnerable. GoFleet’s GPS Trackers
significantly reduce risky driving habits.

Audible Driver Coaching

A built-in accelerometer offers real-time behavioral feedback that allows you to enhance productivity while reducing risk and fuel use with our GPS vehicle management solution. Monitor driving habits like idle time and speed, braking, cornering and seatbelt use. Custom alerts let you know exactly how your driver is behaving behind the wheel.

Liability Reduction

Our fleet management technology will help reduce your insurance rates through reduced claims, better theft and liability protection and accident recreation. Fleet safety begins behind the wheel, give your drivers the tools to stay safe and on time.

Accident Recreation

Protect yourself in the court of law with accident analytics from our GPS vehicle tracking software. GoFleet’s accident recreation capability provides a millisecond breakdown of an accident with a detailed measure of impact, acceleration and direction.


5 Killer, Industry Leading
Driver Safety Features:

  • 1 Set audible driver coaching alerts for instant harsh driving, idling and other In-Vehicle alerts
  • 2 Alerts by Actual posted road speeds
  • 3 Driver coaching can improve fuel efficiency by up to 12%
  • 4 Accident Recreation with our powerful G-Force accelerometer
  • 5 Our hardware is recognized by major insurance companies for further discounts

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