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Network Fleet Solution: The Ultimate Tool For Management

The Ultimate Tool For Management: GoFleet’s Network Fleet Solution

When you use GoFleet’s network fleet solution, you open up the possibility of many tangible financial benefits. Any businesses that rely on their fleet to provide services and products to their customers should install GoFleet’s network fleet solution. Real-time GPS fleet tracking allows you to gain complete control of your fleet, reduce costs significantly and improve driver productivity.

Reduce Fuel Costs

GoFleet’s network fleet solution works to reduce your fuel costs. It provides dispatchers with location-based information that they can use to properly route your vehicles to job sites or locations. You will also be able to
send the closest vehicle to a job site. Drivers will not be driving all over town with efficient truck routing.

A huge factor in fuel usage is speeding. When your drivers maintain proper speeds, you can reduce the fuel usage significantly. GoFleet’s network fleet solution provides automatic alerts and speed information when a driver exceeds the speed threshold.

Another factor in fuel usage is excessive idling. Often times, drivers use excessive idling in their vehicle as a form of climate control. This causes you to lose money directly from your bottom line. Using GoFleet’s network fleet solution, you can reduce idling times. You will be automatically alerted to the issue so that it can be immediately corrected.

Excellent Customer Service

GoFleet’s network fleet solution allows you to provide better customer service. You will know exactly where your drivers are at all times. Your fleet managers can provide better dispatching and routing to your customers’ locations. Your drivers will not be able to make “off-route” stops causing a delay for your customers.

In addition, GoFleet’s network fleet solution will allow you to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival to your customers. They will greatly appreciate knowing exactly when your driver will arrive at their location. You will find that it is much easier to provide excellent customer service with a tracking system installed in your fleet.

For more information about how GoFleet’s network fleet solution can help your company, Contact Us.

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