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Fleet Vehicle Tracking Increases Productivity & Efficiency

Increase Productivity & Efficiency with Fleet Vehicle Tracking

You might not know that fleet vehicle tracking not only tracks vehicles’ locations, it also increases productivity and efficiency. GPS fleet management software automatically plans efficient routes which will reduce the amount of time your driver spends on the road.

Often times, drivers drive the route they are most familiar with even when it is not the most efficient. They usually do not realize that there is actually a faster way to get to the destination. When you use fleet vehicle tracking, you can provide your driver with the most efficient route each day before they start work. The driver will then drive that route to each of your customers’ locations. Less time on the road means your drivers will be able to visit more customers each day, increasing the driver’s productivity and your company’s overall efficiency.

If a customer calls in with an urgent service call, your dispatchers can easily re-route your drivers. The closest driver to the new location can be sent after they finish up at their current location. This ensures that the work is done efficiently because the appropriate driver will complete the job and not the first driver who saw the new job in the system. Without fleet vehicle tracking, dispatchers could end up sending a driver in another city to the job location when there was a driver located right around the block.

Fleet vehicle tracking also increases your business’ efficiency. With more efficient routes, your business will spend less money on fuel and labor costs. Your drivers are able to get more done in the workday without going into overtime. In addition, since they will be driving less, there are less miles used to get from jobsite to jobsite. Companies normally see an automatic reduction in fuel costs after they implement a fleet vehicle tracking system.

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