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GPS Fleet Tracking Often Gets a Bad Name of Being Big Brother

GPS Fleet Tracking NOT Big Brother

When people call us looking for a GPS fleet tracking solution, many fleet managers have the same concern and hesitation: “Will my employees feel like Big Brother is always watching them?” Working with our customers closely through the implementation process we have learned employee perceptions can greatly be influenced by how they are first introduced to the system internally. It is usually easier to overcome than many fleet managers often assume. Once the company and employee benefits have been explained, employees almost always come on board with the idea.

Here are just a few features installing a GPS fleet tracking system will provide your company and your employees, helping them better understand what the system is used for:

  • Significant ROI.

After installing a GPS tracking system the operating costs of your fleet will decrease resulting in more profitability which is something everyone can benefit from.

  • Nothing to Hide.

Employees with “nothing to hide” should not object to the idea of tracking the company vehicles they drive; for those employees who do have something to hide ask yourself, do you really want them driving your vehicles in the first place?

  • Staying Competitive.

Keeping up with your competition is key and many other companies within your industry are already using GPS tracking for better fleet management.

  • Improve Customer Service.

Determine the exact time an employee showed up to the job site and how long he/she was there; very useful for employees when it is a customers word against his/hers, you will know the truth.

  • Keep Driver’s Safe & Avoid Traffic Violations.

Some GPS tracking companies (like GoFleet) offer in cabin audible alerts to help employees reduce speeding & harsh cornering which could, in turn, help them avoid getting a ticket. In the event that an accident or a ticket does occur, GPS vehicle tracking may hold up in court as a reliable source of defense clearing the driver of any charges.

  • Route Optimization.

Eliminate guessing who is closest to a customer/pick-up/emergency call location and wasting time. Real time tracking will allow you to know exactly who is closest without having to distract your employees by calling them.

  • Engine Diagnostics/Vehicle Maintenance.

Breakdowns will be eliminated; the advanced software will alert you of any irregular engine data. Maintenance reminders can also be set up to ensure you will not miss any oil changes and other regularly scheduled maintenance.

To learn more about how to successfully introduce your employees to GPS fleet tracking download Presenting GPS Fleet Management To Your Team.

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