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GPS vehicle tracking – Features & Benefits

Fleet Management Services

Track vehicle activity and your savings with real-time fleet management software that reduces time and fuel costs and increases productivity with our GPS vehicle tracking systems.

GoFleet is management made easy with solutions proven to reduce costs, improve competitive positioning and increase customer satisfaction across all areas of business operations. With our simple plug-in fleet management solutions, you can keep track and manage locations, fuel, faults, acceleration and much more.

Real-time, Any time

View vehicle behaviour as it happens anytime, anywhere with a fleet management software that takes you along for the ride wherever you are.

Go Fleet’s easy-to-use fleet management solutions offer these key tracking features:

  • Leading 15 second GPS tracking to never lose sight of your fleet
  • Optimized routes for reduced fuel costs
  • Robust military grade hardware designed to withstand the harshest of environments
  • Custom reports with excel report add-ins
  • …And much, much more

Reduce fuel usage
by 18%

auto fleet management
Powerful fuel diagnostics make maintenance easy

Our auto fleet management solution plugs directly into your vehicle’s computer to identify fuel usage, fuel ups, faults, engine temperature, odometer, PTO and much more. Our software provides the Diagnostics that allow you to clearly see important vehicle data behind the scenes.

Driver coaching can improve fuel efficiency by up to 12%

fuel efficient driver training
Put an end to any risky business

Over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of accidents are influenced by driver behavior. Our fleet management system offers audible driver coaching, liability reduction, accident recreation and much more. Enjoy reduced insurance rates and enhance productivity with a fleet management solution that works.

Get en route, on time

Fleet Management Tracking
Dispatch on the Fly with Fleet Management Tracking

GoFleet’s 3G, GPS technologies allow you to watch your vehicles in real-time and communicate new routes or stops directly to their on-board GARMIN navigation. Our fleet management tracking solution offers live GPS tracking, 2-way messaging, and stop & route management capabilities to ensure efficiency.

Keeping genius simple

plug and play gps
Tracking is as easy as 1, 2, 3

GoFleet’s plug and play GPS is installed in 3 easy steps. It’s durable, secure and entirely self-maintained. Avoid any hard wiring or installation costs by simply locating your vehicle’s engine diagnostic connector, aligning your device and plugging it in. Good things do come in small packages.

Confirm Compliance with In-Depth Reporting

Fleet management software that makes following the rules easy

Put an end to compliance worries with electronic logbook software that makes compliance easy. Receive hours of service & driver vehicle inspection reports that keeps your drivers safe on the road. A powerful but user-friendly interface allows you to easily manage driver logbooks and inspection reports.

Integrated Intelligence is a Smart Move

Integration solutions that turn rich data into a wealth of opportunities

Combine your existing systems with our leading wireless fleet gps management solutions and harness the power of intelligent integration. GoFleet’s hardware communicates with your current equipment to give real-time status updates on operation and critical event notifications.

Innovation Meets Communication

Fleet management solutions at your fingertips

GoFleet’s innovative fleet tracking devices are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and powerful enough to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction– as well as your bottom line. From plug and play GPS tracking devices to the latest in wireless Bluetooth technology, our products are proven to improve your fleet management. Contact us today and get clarity on the road with fleet management solutions that deliver.