Solar Trax

Solar Trax devices are energy-harvesting, self-charging items that support long term remote deployments without the need to replace the battery. The devices use a highly efficient solar cell to continuously charge and maximize operating life of the internal Lithium Ion battery.
In Trax, users can track assets in real-time over a live map. There is no limit to how many assets the system can support. Reports and historical trip data can be generated for every asset.
Monitor GPS positions of assets and fleet vehicles simultaneously over the MyGeotab Map.
Apply Geotab’s Exception logic to your valuable assets by running reports. Users are able to determine how long their assets have been stationary or moving. Reports can be customized by filtering asset groups and date ranges.

Solar-Powered Tracking of Valuable Assets

Solar Trax is an integrated solar powered asset tracking solution for large assets such as trailers, heavy equipment and dry containers.

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Advanced GPS Tracking

Solar powered devices are manufactured with an embedded and integrated GPS receiver for tracking applications.

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Multiple Applications

The solution is suitable for tracking dry containers, non-powered assets, heavy equipment, trailers, among many other items.


Built to Withstand

Track your assets under the most extreme weather conditions. Solar Trax is consistent with IP67 standards for resistance against water, dust, and impact.

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Automatic Firmware Upgrades

Upgrades to firmware are carried out over-the-air, automatically, eliminating the need to remove devices from assets.

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Extensive Inputs and Outputs

Multiple inputs allow for interfacing with various sensors to further enhance the solution to be utilized in unique applications.

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Energy Harvesting

Solar Trax utilizes a highly efficient solar cell to continuously charge and maximize operating life of the internal (and rechargeable) Lithium Ion battery, to provide complete solar powered asset tracking.

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