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Vehicle Fleet Management Software: Forestry Industry

Using Vehicle Fleet Management Software Benefits Companies In The Forestry Industry

The forestry industry produces over $200 billion in sales each year in the United States alone. Companies in this industry have many trucks and heavy equipment to produce forest products. These companies can benefit greatly from GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Companies in the forestry industry can reduce many unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating unnecessary overtime, unauthorized vehicle usage, excessive fuel consumption and discrepancies with billing.

Maximize Labor Costs

With GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software, you can increase efficiency and employee productivity with improved routing, reduced downtime, prevented dispatch inaccuracy and reduced tardiness.

Efficient Routing

Automated efficient route planning provides predictable schedules allowing you to reduce costs, reduce fuel consumption, increase driver productivity and stay competitive.

User Friendly Dashboard

GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software has a user friendly dashboard that is extremely easy to use. The data can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Customized reports and alerts can be set up based on your individual business needs.

Improve Driver Safety

Vehicle fleet management software allows you to closely monitor your drivers’ behaviors even when they are away from the office. You can set up customized alerts to be notified if your drivers are speeding, driving aggressively, breaking hard, accelerating fast or idling excessively. This gives you the opportunity to contact the driver immediately to correct the behavior.

Asset Location

When you use GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software, you will always know where all of your assets are. You will not have to waste valuable time calling your drivers to find out their location or waiting for them to check in.

Maximize Vehicle Usage

Eliminate authorized use of vehicles and excessive idling to get the most from your fleet. Making sure your vehicles are only used on the job will increase their useful life.

For more information about how GoFleet can help your business’ fleet operations, Contact Us.

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