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Powerful Solutions for Plumbing & HVAC Vehicle Tracking

Increase Service Calls | Lower Overtime Costs | Improve Customer Service

Industry Use Cases

  • Gain full visibility of your entire mobile workforce and respond to emergencies  right away
  • Reduce overtime costs with accurate employee time sheets
  • Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction with work site arrival and departure reports and alerts
  • Reduce fuel expenses and increase safety through monitoring and correcting poor driver behavior
  • Eliminate downtime with scheduled maintenance alerts for vehicles and assets
  • Optimize routes to reduce fuel costs, decrease travel time, and increase amount of service calls
  • Provide a much more accurate window of estimated arrival time and show up within that time frame
  • Put a stop to unauthorized vehicle usage and after hours usage

Plumbing & HVAC Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Plumbing HVAC Vehicle Tracking

Accurate Arrival Times = Happy Customers!

“The system has greatly reduced the lag time in being able to update customers and keep them in the loop. Before we would say, well, here’s a 3-hour window of when we’ll arrive, but now that window has greatly decreased. All in all, it just helps me do my job”
- Ken Kapson, Fleet, IT, & Building Manager

Solution Bundle Features

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Give accurate arrival times to your customers with improved routing, dispatching, and knowing real-time driver location, 24/7. Many HVAC companies tell their customers a 4-6 hour window of when they “might” arrive - but this will no longer be an issue for you. Keep your customers happy and the increase repeat business and referrals. No one wants to wait around all day for a technician, this will set you ahead of your competition.

Monitor & Improve Driver Safety

Monitor driver behavior and address it immediately as it occurs. Other software produces reports on driver behavior, which we do, but in addition we offer in-vehicle audible (beeping) alerts in real-time. You can set custom safety alerts for many different driver behaviors to best suit your needs.

Save Money on Fuel

Reduce fuel costs in multiple ways such as: monitoring idle time, planning routes efficiently, audible driver alerts for aggressive behavior, fuel usage reports and more. In addition, we offer fuel card integration to track and verify all fuel transactions and eliminate fuel theft.

Driver Identification

Identify which drivers are operating which vehicles at any given time. Drivers tap a Driver ID key to against a vehicle’s driver identification reader to identify themselves. You can utilize MyGeotab to create rules and run reports based on specific drivers or vehicles.

Increase Number of Service Calls

By being able to improve routing and dispatch, there will be more time to spend visiting customers in need of your service. Also, by monitoring the vehicles in real-time you will be given the opportunity to send the closest driver to the closest call.

Dispatching often needs to be flexible and done on the fly as many residential calls are not pre-scheduled. A vehicle tracking solution allows you to quickly and easily make appropriate dispatch decisions based on the real-time location of your vehicles. The old days of working within territories is outdated and leaves room for error. By monitoring and dispatching your fleet according to actual locations you can save both time and money on your company’s day to day operations.