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Pizza Delivery Software Keeps Customers Happy with Hot Pizza

Keep Customers Happy With Hot Pizzas Using Pizza Delivery Software

Pizza delivery companies are using pizza delivery software to keep their customers happy; the software helps them to deliver pizza quickly to ensure the food is as fresh and hot as possible.

Boston Pizza, one of Canada’s largest casual Italian dining restaurants, knew there had to be a better way to manage food deliveries. The franchise owner, Jim Mercier, wanted to ensure his customers always received the ultimate freshness. His interest for a pizza delivery software was sparked. After shopping around, Jim tested out some different fleet management systems but he was unable to find one that met his needs, until he found GoFleet.

Jim was looking for a pizza delivery software that was simple to install and easy to manage; he did not want a complicated installation or confusing software. He was also looking for software that could improve safety as there were often concerns about their drivers speeding. GoFleet’s pizza delivery software was the perfect fleet management system for his business.

Easy To Install And Use

GoFleet’s pizza delivery software is easy for pizza delivery companies to install on their own. Companies can avoid costly installation fees or hardwiring issues that could damage the vehicles. Jim from Boston Pizza stated: “Installation could not have been any easier…even the most technically challenged individual could do it.”

Deliver Hot & Fresh Pizza

The main objectives of pizza delivery software is to streamline deliveries and to ensure the freshness of the food for the customers. The software can be installed on a computer or mobile device near the delivery computer. That way the order taker can view the deliveries placed by the customers and the delivery vehicle locations simultaneously. This will ensure the food is not sitting around for a long period of time waiting for a delivery driver to pick it up.

Using pizza delivery software and developing a system to make sure each order is fresh out of the oven when the delivery driver is ready to make the next delivery are the keys to keeping your customers happy and delivering hot food every time. When talking about GoFleet’s pizza delivery software, Jim said “If you spend a day on our delivery line using this system, you would have it in your restaurant tomorrow.”

For more information about GoFleet’s pizza delivery software, Contact Us.

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