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GoFleet’s Fleet Tracking Solution Provides Valuable Insurance Savings

GoFleet’s Fleet Tracking Solution Provides Valuable Insurance Savings

When you use GoFleet’s fleet tracking solution, you qualify for a fleet insurance discount through Liberty Mutual Insurance. This means that you can earn up to a 40% insurance savings with safe driving discounts. All you have to do is have or add a commercial automobile insurance policy with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

A fleet tracking solution not only increases fuel efficiency and driver safety, it allows business to save on their insurance rates. You can also add-on a fuel card to save some additional money on fuel costs. The fuel card option is a centralized payment system for your fuel. You will be able to easily monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption in addition to eliminating the preparation of expense reports. The fleet tracking solution also helps you identify and correct wasteful driving issues such as excessive idling, speeding and aggressive acceleration.

The best part of the GoFleet fleet tracking solution is that it creates peace of mind. You will be able to monitor risk management reports, in real-time. This will allow you to verify that your drivers are practicing safe driving. If an accident occurs, you can replay the incident to reinforce your driver’s training and increase their learning retention. Liberty Mutual Insurance understands how the fleet tracking solution increases overall driver safety.

Getting a qualifying commercial automobile policy with Liberty Mutual Insurance can provide up to 40% insurance savings. The participating automobile insurance providers will help save your company money by offering competitive insurance rates with compressive automobile coverage.

In addition to fleet insurance discounts, you will find even more savings because you will reduce the risk of an accident and business interruption issues before they even happen. Reducing your employees’ at-risk driving behaviors will also lower maintenance costs. Your fleet tracking solution will save your business a substantial amount of money while allowing you to properly manage your fleet.

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