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Safety Monitoring System: The Man Down System Protects Your Lone Workers

Man Down Safety Monitoring System Protects Your Lone Workers

GoFleet’s Man Down System is a safety monitoring system that is designed to protect lone employees who work in hazardous occupations. It is an automatic two way radio device that provides businesses with total accountability. When the employee’s TPASS 3 is alarmed, the safety monitoring system will immediately identify the name of the person. The Man Down System is the only monitoring system that can transmit emergency alarms and receive messages.

The safety monitoring system also works as a confirmation system. You can ensure your lone workers’ safety with important check-ins. If the system goes out-of-range, your manager will automatically be alerted. There is also a manual panic button. In the case of an emergency, your worker will be able to contact you with the simple press of a button. Once the alarm is enabled, your worker will receive an alarm acknowledgement. Your worker will know you have been alerted and help is on the way.

The system has a motion sensor. If the worker becomes incapacitated, the motion sensor accelerometer will trigger the alarm. This provides your lone workers with the needed security in the case they are unable to press the panic button themselves. The safety monitoring system has up to two miles line of sight from your vehicle. This enables you to pinpoint your worker even when he is far away from the vehicle.

The GoFleet safety monitoring system is heavy duty and safe. The batteries are rechargeable. This eliminates the extra cost of changing batteries. Charging time is between six and eight hours. Drivers can easily charge the Man Down System in their vehicle. Once the battery is fully charged, it will provide up to 80 operational hours before it needs to be charged again.

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