Navistar OnCommand Connection (OCC)Vehicle Maintenance Management Software

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Manage your vehicle’s health

OnCommand Connection uses vehicle fault codes to generate real-time vehicle health reports that provide fleet managers and service repair teams detailed action and severity information.
Live Access

Live Access

Monitor what’s going on with your entire fleet in real time, with multiple filters and direct links to other integrated applications.

Health Report

Health Report

It’s an easy-to-look-at list featuring current fault codes and links to enable action when a serious issue exists.

Actionable Alerts

Actionable Alerts

Interactive mapping helps you quickly locate your vehicle, plan solutions if repairs are needed, and most importantly, keep your business running.

Interactive Mapping

See real-time fleet vehicle performance data on a map in a single online portal. The system diagnoses a vast number of faults and their severity. OnCommand Connection is compatible with all fleets, regardless of vehicle makes and engine models.
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Geotab Integration

The GO9 GPS tracking device transmits vehicle data to the central monitoring system, MyGeotab. This data is then transferred from MyGeotab to the OnCommand Connection server. OnCommand Connection does not physically contact the vehicle at any point; no additional hardware is required besides the GO9 tracking device.
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Health Reports

View real-time Health Reports that provide fleet managers and service repair teams detailed information on the health of fleet vehicles based on fault codes. The system possesses over 21,000 fault code action plans that cover faults in the engine, transmission, gauge cluster, HVAC, body controller, and more.
View Health Reports
Health Reports

More Features

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Easily Diagnose Vehicle Health

Makes vehicle health issues and fault code data easy to understand and act on

Preventative Maintenance

Enables proactive actions to address minor health issues before they become more significant

Vehicle Compatibilty

The all-makes support enables fleets to better manage all of their vehicles in one easy-to-use tool