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Delivery Truck Tracking Systems

delivery truck tracking systems

Delivery Vehicle Tracking GPS

Working within the delivery industry can be quite demanding so you need to make sure that each and every delivery is performed in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Taking the necessary steps to cut down on unnecessary travel time in order to preserve profits and increase your company’s bottom line is essential to the longevity of your company. You can do this by installing a vehicle GPS tracking device from GoFleet to easily locate all of your delivery vehicles and drivers throughout the day.

Whether your delivery drivers use a truck, scooter or care you can track their movements at any time throughout the day. Here are some additional benefits you will receive with a GoFleet vehicle tracking GPS:


  • Reduce Fuel Consumption by Monitoring Use and Fuel-Ups
    Fuel consumption is one of the largest, if not the largest expense for delivery companies; monitoring fuel usage is crucial in eliminating high fuel costs and keeping them under control. Implementing vehicle GPS tracking for your delivery or courier business will assist in eliminating wasted fuel costs in areas such as: efficient route planning, monitoring idling time, fuel usage reports, audible in-vehicle alerts for aggressive driver behavior and more. In addition, we offer fuel card integration to verify and track all fuel transactions made by your drivers.



  • Track the Daily Habits of Delivery Drivers
    With our vehicle GPS trackers you will be able to monitor: regularly traveled routes, driver behavior, break times, start and end times, overtime hours, after hour usages and so much more.



  • Optimize Routes to Ensure on Time Delivery
    Your drivers may be set in their ways of the routes they travel daily but are these routes the most efficient? Is there too much traffic? Is there a better way to reach all the destinations needed?Our software is the answer. You will be able to monitor and optimize routes easily to make more deliveries. You will also ensure your drivers will always arrive on-time and if there is every a traffic issue or a road problem you can give them an alternate route. We also offer Garmin integration so new routes can be sent directly to your drivers Garmin unit in the vehicle.



  • Track High Priority Packages for Delivery Assurance
    By monitoring your delivery or courier vehicles you will also be able to monitor the contents inside. If one of your drivers is taking a high priority package you can make sure you know what truck it is in and if there are any discrepancies between a courier and a customer you can verify the package made it to the correct location and on time. This will not only keep your customers happy, but also your drivers if they ever get into a dispute.



  • Receive Customizable Alerts with Vehicle GPS Tracking
    You can customize your dashboard and alerts to suit your needs. For example, you can set up email alerts to be automatically sent if your vehicles are being used after hours or if your drivers are going outside their designated zone. The options are endless, our software is meant to cater to the specific needs of your business.



  • Set Geofences for Alerts
    As mentioned above, you can set up alerts to be sent if a vehicle enters or exits a specific zone or customer location. You can easily add in these zones to your database manually or import multiple zones from an excel file.



  • Improve Driver Safety with Driver Coaching Features
    Our driver coaching features allow for real-time poor driving behavior corrections. You can add in custom driver alerts based on time or speed. For example, if a driver has left his or her car idling for over 5 minutes, you can set up a beeping alert that will let the driver know to turn off the vehicle. The beeping won’t stop until the vehicle has been shut off. It is the same for speeding, you can set a custom speed alert and if a driver goes over the set limit the beeping will sound and not stop until they have decreased their speed.


If you are looking for a way to keep track of your company’s assets and ensure the proper execution of delivery routes then GoFleet’s vehicle and truck tracking devices are an excellent option which will help you to improve your day to day operations within your delivery business.


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