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Township Installs Fuel Management System

New Jersey Township Installs a Fuel Management System to Control Costs

The Cranford Township in NJ has installed a computerized fuel management system recently for the fuel pumps that service all Township and Board of Education vehicles.

Prior to this computerized fuel management system, Cranford had the fuel stations padlocked and employees were given keys for the lock. After fueling up, employees were supposed to enter the amount of fuel used on a clipboard.

With the new fuel management system, each Township employee who has access to the fuel is given a key fob and a pin number. This way, each vehicle is tracked as well as each employee using the fuel.

This will help cut down on the Township’s cost and manage accountability with one of the biggest expenditures associated with fleet management. To explore the ways that a fuel management system can help you manage your fleet, please call GoFleet at 1.888.998.1122 or by emailing our sales team here.

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