Maps BI

Maps BI gives you the power to harvest powerful, meaningful data from your fleet vehicles – automatically and directly from your vehicle’s on-board computer. Whether you’re looking at stop times in customer zones or tracking idling time by vehicle, Maps BI allows you to choose from a series of standard dashboards that assist users in better understanding and managing fleet operations. Users can select from Safety, Performance and Specialty categories.
Explore the incoming data pulled from the GO7 tracking device in customizable, impactful visualizations that will streamline management of your fleet.
The Interactive Speeding Dashboard is an out of the box, visual depiction on a map that displays the precise locations where your fleet vehicles are speeding most frequently. Users have access to month-over-month/week-by-week trends and are able to filter by specific vehicles and/or departments.

High Impact Geocentric Business Intelligence for your Fleet



Fuel Data Groups

Generates KPIs From Extracted Geotab Data

Extracts Geotab data and generates key performance indicators to see how your fleet is doing. The KPI’s visible on the dashboard can be used to do the following: improve stop time, lower wind shield time, lower idling time, achieve better fuel economy, improve safety.


Cost Savings

Reduce costs by uncovering operational inefficiencies and patterns.


Advanced Mapping Functionality

Maps BI incorporates real-time live maps, a trip playback feature, and the ability to overlay multiple layers on top of your telematics data, including work orders, planned routes, and much more.

Aux expand

Fully Integrated with Geotab Platform

Have your telematics data, work order data, dispatch data, and other line-of-business systems consolidated into the Geotab platform for instant visualization. MyGeotab user groups are automatically integrated.


Wide Variety of Data Collected

Wide range of data collected and visible for each driver, including the following: time driven, stop time, total distance, distance per stop, idle waste, average idle time, amount of engine faults, amount of GPS faults, amount of reminders past due, fuel used, fuel economy, all user incidents.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamline all Dimension of your Fleet Operation

Setup custom KPIs and calculations from your data. Use our platform not only for retrospective analysis, but for real-time operational needs involving work order allocation, temperature tracking, winter operations, and more.

Increase Organization with mobile workforce management

Sharing Functionality

Share reports by web link, PDF, automated email scheduling, or even embedding a dashboard into your customer’s website.



User-Friendly Interface

Create your own interactive dashboards using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

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