ZenBus School Bus Tracking SystemA comprehensive school bus tracking system for managing and monitoring school buses

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Real-time bus tracking, geo-fencing, parental alerts, speeding alerts, and more

Technology-driven ‘smart tools’ are empowering educators to deal more effectively with a wide range of issues, from attendance to student safety. ZenduiT’s ZenBus tracking solution offers real-time bus tracking, geo-fencing, parental alerts, speeding alerts, and more. It provides fleet operators and school administrators with transparency and control over their bus operations, while helping parents track the school bus’s exact location, providing a worry-free experience for everyone.
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Ensure Compliance

Full transparency of bus operations and accountability for drivers & operators

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Real-time School Bus Tracking for Parents

Easy access to your child's school bus location with real-time ETAs

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Bus Management and Maintenance for Operators

Maintenance reports, including insights on fuel consumption and engine health, for better management

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Wide-range Compatibility and Easy Setup

Seamlessly connect with existing hardware for customized requirements

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Bus Driver Behaviour Management

Vital insights and reports on vehicle speeding patterns, braking patterns, and vehicle parking times

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Reporting & Analytics

Automated alerts and analytics dashboard to measure KPI’s, create visualizations and forecasting

Ensure complete transparency and security for school bus operations

Ensure complete transparency and security for school bus operations

Improved Student Safety and Security

ZenBus helps parents monitor the location of a school bus in real-time, and sends alerts based on critical events such as bus arrivals on selected stops. Our solution also provides NFC-assisted attendance tracking of children when entering and departing the bus by sending alerts to parents with scan details.
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Dynamic Route Configuration for Efficient Bus Routing

ZenBus enables fleet operators to easily create or import custom routes while allowing them to add and remove stops to see the impact on travel. With the help of historical ETA data from a particular route, stakeholders can analyze and plan the best routes to save time and fuel.
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Dedicated School Bus Tracker App for Parents

Parents can use the ZenBus app to monitor the live location of their child’s school bus and the expected arrival time. They can also receive notification alerts about any route deviation, in-bus attendance tracking of their children, helping them avoid unnecessary wait times and delays.
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Scalable and Cost-saving School Bus Tracking Solution

ZenBus seamlessly connects with an existing hardware infrastructure, helping school management and fleet operators keep costs down. It empowers fleet operators to achieve valuable insights and data around vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, route optimization, idling, and driving behaviours, all of which help school management improve fleet uptime and reduce maintenance costs.
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Generate Insights Using Reports

Powered with ZenduReport capabilities, ZenBus creates curated reports for all job and performance-related data to build powerful visualizations. It also generates high-value insights from recorded bus operations, helping fleet operators track KPIs and identify areas of improvement.
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Can this device only be installed on buses?

This device can be installed on any vehicle, be it a bus, van or car. There are no limitations.

In case of internet loss, can I access data once it is reconnected?

Yes, once the internet is reconnected to your device, your data will be transferred to the server and will be reflected in the system.

How can I track a school bus using GPS?

All school bus tracking systems provide the GPS location of the bus in real-time using customized geolocation software. This tool connects school administration, parents, staff and students, enabling them to locate school vehicles and their occupants on a digital map. This is made possible through a mobile app that parents can download to their smartphones, tablets or desktops.

Who benefits from a school bus tracking solution?

The tracking software connects all relevant stakeholders, including parents, school administrators, and students.

  • Parents can see the location of the bus in real-time on the map displayed. They also receive notifications as soon their child reaches the school or is returning home. Parents are notified as soon as the student gets on or off the bus and are alerted in the event of delays or diversions.
  • Administrators receive information about the bus route and receive alerts when the driver exceeds the recommended speed, deviates from the usual route or crosses the geofencing area. The app also provides information about fuel consumption history, trip histories, etc.
  • For students, the automatic routing ensures that their bus reaches a pre-determined location at a specific time, which prevents waiting for prolonged periods at a bus stop.