ZenShuttleTrack and monitor your bus with just one click

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Plan and Manage Shuttle Operations with Ease

ZenShuttle is the all-in-one solution for shuttle bus passengers and operators, providing real-time location updates, ETA’s, speed and geofence reports, and driver behaviour. These valuable data sets help fleet operators improve driving performance and reduce operational costs while offering real-time information for passengers, so they never miss another shuttle.
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Scalable Solution

ZenShuttle is your full-fledged fleet-tracking solution, or be added to your existing platform

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Live Tracking and Alerts

Track the live location of a bus and receive alert notifications on any major updates

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Bus Health Diagnostics

Bus maintenance schedules can be regulated with detailed reports

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Wide-range Compatibility and Easy Setup

Seamlessly connect with existing hardware for customized requirements

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Control Fuel Costs and Driver Behavior

Track the behavior of your driver and reduce excessive idling time & save on fuel charges

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Bus Route Optimization

Optimize the bus route to avoid unnecessary delays in reaching a destination

Boost Productivity of Shuttle Operations

ZenShuttle helps fleet managers improve the productivity of their operations and increase ridership. This solution helps operators easily create routes and place real-time information about their vehicles directly into the hands of passengers with mobile app, making public transportation management and tracking effortless.
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Empower Your Passengers with Real-Time Updates

Combining intelligent, real-time location of your shuttle buses with the expected time of arrival for all stops, ZenShuttle empowers passengers to plan their trip from an Android device or from a browser on iOS. Empowering your passengers with real-time data increases their traveling experience and frequency of usage.
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Bus Route Optimization and Geofencing

ZenShuttle enables fleet operators to easily create or import custom routes, add and remove stops to see the impact on travel and arrival times. Our advanced bus tracking system helps optimize bus routes and avoid unnecessary delays. Geofencing can create custom defined areas and provide instant alerts when buses enter or exit those areas, keeping fleet operators in the know instantly.
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Enhanced Compatibility and Scalability

The ZenShuttle system is compatible with all bus types, making integration a seamless process. ZenduiT’s proprietary technology enables this solution to be compatible across a broader range of devices and infrastructures, resulting in scalable and low-cost installations for fleet operators.
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How does a bus tracking system work?

Manual fleet management is a thing of the past. A commercial bus GPS can help you manage your entire fleet at the same time without having to be physically present. You can leverage commercial bus tracking devices to monitor them on the road and control their functionalities with the aid of a simple GPS bus tracking app.

What platforms are your bus trackers available on?

Our bus GPS tracking system application is available on Android and iOS through a web browser. Please contact our team for more details.

What makes ZenShuttle the best GPS bus tracking app?

There are a number of hurdles with public and commercial transportation. Bus tracking with ZenShuttle has enabled the transportation sector to overcome many of these roadblocks. Now, fleet owners and managers can monitor all of their vehicles, whether on the road or off, from the comfort of their home or office. Our GPS bus tracking software gives you the power to analyze the performance of your fleet, and equip you with the tools to take care of its health and security.

What types of vehicles can ZenShuttle be installed on?

This device can be installed in any bus type with a uniform installation procedure.

In the event of Internet loss, will data be recoverable once reconnected?

Yes, once the internet is reconnected to your device, data will be transferred to the server and will reflect on the system.