ZenduWork - Best Job Order Management Software One-stop job and order management software for better visibility into operations

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Plan, Manage, and Execute Jobs and Orders with Ease

ZenduiT’s industry-leading ZenduWork is a one-stop job management software that leverages ZenduCAM’s systems, processes, and domain expertise to optimize scheduling, dispatching, and job orders. Fleet managers can respond quickly to dynamic situations and monitor their field service operations in real-time. ZenduWork orchestrates jobs and work orders seamlessly, managing them across multiple systems, simplifying job configurations, and enabling dynamic rerouting and global order fulfillment
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Real-time Visibility of Jobs

Enabling informed decisions

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Dynamic Optimization of Routes

To increase efficiency of fulfillment operations

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Maximize Workforce Productivity

Meet high priority demand and avoid overpromising

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Harness Advanced Intelligence

Utilize AI powered insights to scale operations

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Driver Mobile Application

To Identify drivers, behavior and provide estimations, routes & insights

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Reporting & Analytics

Automated alerts and analytics dashboard to measure KPI’s, create visualizations and forecasting

Schedule and assign jobs with ease

ZenduWork provides fleet managers with a detailed view of jobs through a unified dashboard. They can digitally schedule jobs on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence, and assign resources based on availability, location, or preferred field staff for specific jobs.
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Track and monitor jobs in real-time

With ZenduWork, stakeholders can track the real-time progress of scheduled jobs from creation to completion. This software enables them to make informed decisions about operations, better coordinate efforts, and complete tasks faster. With a dedicated mobile application, field teams can update the status of jobs in real-time, giving managers a live window into fulfillment operations.
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Seamless coordination with existing jobs

ZenduWork’s unified visualizer dashboard enables a 360° view of every single job your stakeholders are currently working on. It also provides real-time insights, such as traffic and weather conditions, to help managers make informed decisions, edit jobs or assign resources based on availability.
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Digital job management on the field

Once the job is scheduled, the ZenduWork mobile application empowers field staff to instantly access the job description, date, time, and customer’s address and contact details from a mobile device or tablet. The application also recommends optimal routes, priority jobs along those routes, and captures electronic signatures and delivery confirmation, all of which helps field staff to speed service fulfillment and ensure customer satisfaction efficiently.
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Detailed reporting and insights

Powered with ZenduCAM’s reporting capabilities, ZenduWork creates curated reports for all job and performance-related data to build powerful visualizations. It also generates high-value insights from the recorded job events, helping businesses track KPIs and identify areas of improvement.
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Why ZenduiT’s Trax Job is the best job & order management software 

ZenduiT’s ZenduWork has a comprehensive list of features that prove useful in various phases of scheduling and managing a job.
Here is how ZenduWork provides value to the customer:

What are the advantages of Cloud based Job management system over traditional Job management methods?

The core task of job management software is to create and manage jobs as you would using a manual process with paper and phone calls. Unlike many complex CRMs, ZenduiT’s ZenduWork software allows you to simply create a job and assign the job.

Done manually, you’d probably have to use an Excel sheet, whiteboard, and then use a calendar app to track the dates- which is quite hectic. There are high chances that you will mix up some details. Our platform makes assigning and scheduling jobs quite convenient. The field engineers can easily see their schedules on the platform.

Since the software is cloud-based, you have all that information in a common location, where the parties with access can view it. It also helps with communication between the managers and the field engineers. You reduce the chances of having communication mishaps on job scheduling.

How Monitoring job in real time helps managers to improve decision making?

Without a job management system, managers have to trust that the field service team is where they ought to be. If a field service worker is late, the manager will most likely get this information from the customer, reflecting poorly on the business. There’s a lot of back-and-forth communication when trying to assess the job progress.

Our system allows you to monitor job progress in real-time. At any given time, you can see the location of the field service team. In case there’s an emergency, the manager can easily see which member of the workforce is available or closest to the location that requires service. All the administrator needs to do is use the visual scheduler to assign the job. Just a review and select motion is enough to schedule and allocate the job to someone. The field staff get notified on the job allocation accordingly.

Does Trax Jobs offer asset management and tracking?

Not only does ZenduWork help to track the jobs, but the assets as well. With a click on your mobile app or desktop, you can get all the information you need on your assets. You can easily see the location of the asset, model, type, history, workers on the job, and any other relevant information. Access to this information helps you with preventative maintenance, and you also keep your customers abreast since you are updated on all matters concerning the asset.  Instead of FAQ section, we use this for ZenduWork.