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Real-Time Tracking

Active Tracking Keeping First Responders Safe
Blog, Government, Real-Time Tracking | 4 min read

Active Tracking: Keeping First Responders Safe on the Road

An ambulance drives through traffic, siren sounding and lights flashing. The dispatcher is on the line, collecting vital information, while monitoring the status of the ambulance at the same time.
Real-Time Tracking Advantages
Blog, Real-Time Tracking | 3 min read

Advantages Of Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking Advantages One of the major advantages of GPS vehicle tracking is that businesses are able to view their vehicles’ location in real-time. Real-time tracking lets a business have direct control of their vehicles while they are en route, which allows them to make better decisions and improve customer service.
Route Planning Software
Blog, Real-Time Tracking | 2 min read

Optimize Dispatching, Reduce Miles Driven With Route Planning Software

Route Planning Software Optimizes Dispatching and Reduces Miles Driven Route planning is one of the most challenging roles in driver management. There are many variables that are constantly shifting such as customer time preferences, traffic, new unplanned jobs, etc.
Blog, Real-Time Tracking, Satellite Tracking | 2 min read

Runaway Cat Fitted With GPS Satellite Tracking Device

GPS Satellite Tracking Device Will Prevent Cat From Going Missing Again After going missing for a third time owners of Benjie, a three-legged cat, invest in a GPS satellite tracking device to prevent it from happening again. Steve and Claire Thorn, owners of Benjie, quickly turned to their local newspaper when their cat had disapeared for a third time.
Real Time GPS Tracking Luggage
Blog, Real-Time Tracking | 1 min read

Interesting Uses For Real Time GPS Tracking

  Track Luggage With Real Time GPS Tracking There are many uses for real time GPS tracking other than fleet management, and some of these are quite enthralling. For instance, the recent GPS technology has hit the traveler markets.
Blog, Real-Time Tracking | 1 min read

Amtrak Pleases Customers with Real Time GPS Trackers

Amtrak Offers A Customer Benefit Through Their Real Time GPS Trackers. If you’ve ever stood, peering over the platform and worrying about when your train will arrive, Amtrak has solved their traveler’s problems—you can now quickly track train routes with a real time GPS tracker incorporating Google Maps.