Delivery Fleet Management Made Easier

Delivery Fleet Management

Keeping track of your delivery fleet can be an incredible challenge. Delivery fleets are often quite large and spread out throughout multiple cities dealing with traffic and the constant struggle of arriving at drop off locations on time. There are countless delays that could pop up, and fleet managers need good metrics to be as efficient as possible. We offer a suite of solutions and add-ons so you can better tackle these challenges and get ahead of your competition!

Geotab G07 – A Versatile Core

The core of our delivery fleet management solution is our G07 GPS tracking device. This device fits in the palm of your hand and plugs in seamlessly to almost all vehicles. No special tools are needed, so the G07 can easily move from one vehicle to another, if necessary. The device collects data from its GPS technology, g-force monitoring, and engine signals. The GO7 device comes equipped with an IOX port to allow you to expand the solution with optional add-ins, to take delivery fleet management one step further.

Our fleet management software collects data from all active GO7 devices in your fleet, and presents that data to fleet managers through a user-friendly interface. The GO7 device and its software allows fleet managers to increase productivity and reduce downtime through the following:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by monitoring use and fill-ups
  • Track travel time and time spent at delivery locations
  • Optimize routes and ensure on-time delivery
  • Track high-priority packages for delivery assurance
  • Set geofences for alerts when a driver arrives/leaves a delivery location (also customizable)
  • Improve driver safety with driver coaching features
  • Minimize vehicle downtime with accurate engine data

A Plethora of Add Ons

Fuel Cards

If your drivers are responsible for fuelling up themselves, you may want to take a look at our fuel card add-on. Our fuel cards allow you to easily capture data on refuelling locations, time spent, amount of fuel purchased, and cost. This data is then combined with the engine data pulled from our GO7 devices, to allow fleet managers to easily track cost per mile. For delivery drivers, fuel card data can also assist with good choices about their refuelling location. Comparing refuelling costs to miles driven can also help uncover any signs of trouble, such as a serious engine problem or even employee theft.

HOS / DVIR Compliance

In today’s world, one thing you can always count on is government regulations; our compliance add-ins make it so much easier, and cheaper, to follow these always changing rules and regulations. Track hours of service (HOS) for each driver and receive automatic alerts that warn managers and drivers when their available time is running out. For driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), the system gives drivers a simple checklist to run through at the beginning of each shift. Equipment issues can also be flagged for the maintenance crew.

In-Vehicle Incident Recording Cameras

Some fleet managers want to keep an even closer eye on their drivers, and ZenduCAM is the perfect tool for that. ZenduCAM combines the GO7 device with SmartWitness cameras that provide forward-facing and driver-facing views. Fleet managers can view these camera streams in real time, but more importantly, the cameras record footage for pre-programmed events. This can include harsh braking, speeding, collisions, or lane departures. Delivery fleet managers can also use the cameras to see how much time drivers are spending sitting in the cab between stops.

Public Map Share

Some delivery companies will want their customers to know the live location of the delivery vehicle transporting their goods; public map share makes this easy. It allows companies to give their customers a simple link that they can click on to see the location and estimated arrival of their driver. This lets customers know when to expect a package they need to sign for, or when to let a furniture-delivery driver in the door. These links can be time limited or made to expire once a delivery is complete, so customers’ access can be appropriately limited.

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