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Fuel Management Software For Your Fleet

Fleet Fuel Management Software

Keeping track of your fuel usage of a fleet of vehicles, no matter if it is a fleet of 2 or 2000 can be quite difficult. Fuel management software can help you keep track of fuel usage, where fuel is being wasted, and most importantly save you money.

GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracking system comes equipped with fuel management software. Fuel is clearly one of the biggest operating costs for many organizations so having a solution to provide advanced fuel management tools is very important. Not only will you receive the benefits of our fuel management software but you will also benefit from the many other elements our system has to offer.

Our GPS tracking devices are plug and play. There is no messy wiring, no install costs and best of all you can do it yourself in a couple of minutes.

GoFleet also provides all our valued customers with training on how to get the most out of our system.

Some of our Fuel Management Software features include:

  1. Idling Time Reports
  2. Driver Scorecard Reports
  3. Audio In-Car Driver Coaching
  4. Route Optimization
  5. Fuel Usage Report

Idling Time & Cost Reports
Reduce the time your drivers spend idling to save you money on fuel. Idling time is normally the biggest fuel waster we commonly see with our clients. Our advanced idling report can show you just how much time your drivers are spending idling AND how much it is costing your company.

fuel management software idling cost report

Driver Scorecard Reports
Our driver scorecard report shows all the “bad habits” of your drivers. These habits also are contributing to your wasted fuel. The habits include: speeding, harsh braking, hard acceleration and harsh cornering. The scorecard allows you to compare your drivers and see which ones may need some of your time to sit down with them and discuss their driving habits. These bad driving habits are a huge contributor to wasted fuel.

Fuel management software driver scorecard

Audio In-Car Driver Coaching
Our driver coaching audio alerts (beeping function inside the car) helps drivers to correct fuel expending faults such as idling and speeding on their own. It is a reminder to them when they have had the car idling for too long, or go too high over the speed limit you set, to correct the behavior right away.

Route Optimization
Our advanced Route Optimization software allows you to optimize your route based on shorter distance and travelling time to further reduce your fuel consumption.

Fuel Usage Report
Fuel Usage Report is exactly what it sounds like, a report on the entire organization split up by drivers determining the fuel usage and costs for a specific period of time.

Fuel management software fuel report

We want to work with you to save you money. Contact one of our fleet consultants today to learn more.

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