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Truck Tracking System: The Complete Courier Solution

Courier Companies Find The GoFleet Truck Tracking System The Complete Solution

For a courier company, the shortest route, both time and distance-wise, adds money directly to their bottom line. GoFleet’s truck tracking system can help you manage your fleet’s logistics with ease.

There are times when traveling a few extra miles can save an hour of your driver’s time. You might be wondering “How is that possible?” The GoFleet truck tracking system can help you plan efficient routes that will get your driver to the next delivery location as fast as possible. It can help your drivers avoid high traffic areas, road closings, school zones or railroad tracks. By circumventing these areas, your driver will get to the delivery location quickly and be on to the next delivery in no time.

The GoFleet courier solutions provides many valuable fleet management tools that will reduce your fuel costs and improve vehicle maintenance. Fleet managers will be able to quickly look at the vehicles’ locations and key metrics to make important business decisions that can save your business thousands of dollars each year.

Managers can stay updated even when they are offline with convenient SMS text message or email alerts. Alerts can be setup for various issues including speeding, route deviation, aggressive driving or excessive idling. When the fleet manger receives the alert, they will be able to immediately contact the driver to have the issue corrected without delay.

When you use Go Fleet’s truck tracking system you can eliminate unauthorized use. Unfortunately, when businesses provide a vehicle to employees for business purposes, they tend to use it for personal use because they don’t think anyone will notice. When you implement a truck tracking system, your drivers will think twice before stopping by their favorite fast food restaurant for a bite to eat, driving to a friend’s house to say “hello,” or doing a side job to earn some extra cash using your company’s vehicle; that’s time, fuel and money your business loses. When you know where your vehicles are at all times, you can eliminate unauthorized use altogether.

A truck tracking system from GoFleet is the complete solution for a managing delivery or courier vehicles. Your fleet manager will be able to provide efficient routing, reduce costs, increase fuel efficiency, and properly monitor drivers. To learn more about GoFleet’s solution call a fleet consultant today: 1-888-998-1122.

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